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The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Compact Foundation Review and Swatches!


Hello lovelies!

How have my honey buns been doing? This wedding season has made me go crazy with trying out all different sorts of base makeup—all the foundations, primers, concealers, and what not! And choosing out the best from the lot to present to you beauties is a responsibility I have taken up on my shoulders! 😛

So here we go with the most expensive foundation I have ever invested in *sob* *sob* and was not pleased much with the results! Dig in to know more the reason why I wail! Read more

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Cheap Beauty Tips You Must Know

clove oil

There comes a certain time in each one of our lives, when we just cannot afford to splurge on luxurious beauty products; even the drugstore makeup appears way too expensive when we are on a makeup-ban, isn’t it? From experience I have learnt that a few cheap beauty tips never hurt, and in fact, they can be a savior when your pockets are weighed down.
We talked to a few beauty experts, and got you some of the most cost efficient ways to maintain your beautiful self. Scroll down to read more. Read more

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15 Super-Awesome Beauty Tips For Teens


During our teenage years, each one of us, especially girls, have this urgency to learn whatever there is to it and grow up; become an adult, behave like them, do what they do. I would say, BAD CHOICE! Life is divided into various age-phases, and I believe, each phase has its own significance. But as a teenager girl, maybe even I strayed away from my own logic and wanted to do what the older woman were doing, and how I regret my silly decisions then.
I have always had this ardent desire to know everything beauty related and to quench my thirst for beauty, I focused myself on the Beauty-query sections of magazines, from GREHSHOBHA to WOMEN’S ERA, I scanned them all. But what I know about teen beauty tips today, I wish I had known a couple of years back (2 years, precisely :P) when I was struggling with the dreaded teen skin myself. Read more


Wear The Trend–Collared shirt with necklace


Hello fashionistas!
The days of sleeveless tank tops will soon be gone and coming are the days of collared shirts—yay, autumn is soon coming in a couple of months! I agree, no matter how cosy and formal collared shirts look and feel, they undoubtedly can be a bit monotonous—and monotonous things generally pave way for boredom!
But worry not sweethearts; we have something to kill your monotony and amp up your boring shirts. So are you ready to take your old collared shirt from drab to fab? Check these ideas out! Read more

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Minimal Makeup Look For College Girls Ft. Maybelline

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College and Makeup are two things which seem so lucrative when put together, yet make us feel so apprehensive with just the thought of going a bit over board with makeup? I bet, if you are in college right now and are reading this, you just said, “I feel you, bro!” And hi five woman, I know how cool and at the same time scary can wearing makeup to college can get. But with just a few spare minutes at hand, and a few cool tips and tricks incorporated here and there, you can actually wear makeup to that lecture of yours without looking too made up.
And as this is a makeup tutorial I assume that your skin is already prepped (cleansed, toned and moisturised) and we are all ready to dig into the makeup part. Read more


Best Hair Straighteners For Every Budget


Hello lovelies!

Some things in the life of fashionista are eternal—be it the winged eye, red pout, little black dress or sleek and straight hair! Yes, some things are forever! Though you may have encountered innumerous posts on the perfect red lips or the perfect winged eyeliner, today we bring to you the tried and tested guide to get those silky, sleek and straight locks without having to use those horrendously bulky irons which leave you at the risk of skin burns, almost everytime!

So here we go with the list of THE best hair straighteners available for you gorgeous ladies in the Indian markets! Read more

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Beauty Benefits Of The Miraculous Vitamin, Vitamin C.


When was the last time you took a long romantic walk across the skin care products aisle? Ok, it is romantic just for me may be, but you sure would have noticed the surplus of products enriched with natural vitamins and specifically targeted minerals. But do the products enriched with the goodness of just one vitamin enough for the overall benefit of your skin? It is generally not so. But Vitamin C is one such exceptionally essential product which works wonders and takes care almost of every possible need of your skin.
Surely, you would have read various posts regarding the goodness of VITAMIN-C which talk endlessly about how it is good for producing collagen, collagen and more collagen. No, I am not going to do the same thing. Instead what I feel is necessary is to make people aware of how can they use it to amplify their beauty.
What can regular doses of vitamin C do for you? Read more

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Everything You Need To Know About BB Creams

assorted beauty BB creams *** Local Caption ***

In today’s tightly packed schedules, who has time for coping with tubes after tubes of make-up and time-consuming make-up brushes? This is where the latest rage in skincare comes: the minimalist and chic BB creams. BB creams or Beauty Balms or Blemish balms; whatsoever you may call them, are the hidden angels in disguise. And no, I am not exaggerating; they are actually WONDERFUL.
All of you would have heard at least someone in your life raving about it. Whether you have tried or are planning to lay hands upon it, go ahead and read this post to know what all can a beauty balm do for your skin. Read more

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Natural Makeup Tips

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Hello, my gorgeous readers. How have you all been? It’s been so hot in India these days that each one of us has been searching for ways to beat this torturous heat.
Come summers, and we all are all ears to tips on natural looking make-up tips. And that is such an obvious thing to do; I mean, seriously! Who has the energy and will power to cake up our face with all those extra products in this heat, not to forget the skin’s tendency to break out in this season? So here I have jotted down some of the best natural makeup tips for you beauties to follow. Read more




Gurugram, May, 2016:  Breweries, VIPs, abundant beer events and a week-long extravaganza of all things sudsy, Gurugram is all set to celebrate the first ever Beer Week powered by Zomato.

Never before has the buzz been this great, the celebration promises the rapid expansion of Gurugram’s craft beer culture, thanks to a slew of new breweries and the astronomical growth of the craft brewing industry seen in every corner of the city that has gained increased traction in the culinary sphere.Scheduled from 11th June to 18th June 2016, Beer Week is a 8 days series fuelled by events that will take place in Gurugram breweries to unite thousands of craft beer enthusiasts& food lovers for a unique tippling experience. Read more