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OOTD : What I Wore To My Fresher’s Party!

freshers 8

Hello my curvies!

The Fresher Party Season is here, and with the much raved Freshers Season also comes the much dreaded time–the time when you have to choose that perfect outfit which makes you look smart, confident, screams elegance, and makes you look different but not overpowering. Sounds terrifying, right? And if by chance you are like me, choosing a first impression outfit becomes all the more difficult. But that is what we are here for, to help each other out in such times of distress. Right? Read more


All You Need To Know About LED Laser Therapy Treatment


Many of my elder friends and family members (so many that i have lost count now) have asked me about the rapidly growing LED laser therapy and how should they use them for skincare advancements. So, instead of briefing you ladies with just the bare minimum, we at The Curvy Princess decided to a full, detailed blog post on LED Laser therapy. Buckle up ladies!

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Celebrations Galore With I CAKE YOU


The very day I set up my website, I knew I was going to meet a lot of lovely souls through this e-medium and I made sure to take my blog places. Not that I have managed to achieve any till now, but what I did manage to do was create a lovable image of myself and my blog in the eyes of people who care. So my blog completed 2 months of its existence last week, and a 2 month old baby blog definitely calls for a celebration. And there is no celebration without cakes, and no one does cakes better than my sweet friend Shobita Mutreja from I CAKE YOU. Read more

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How to use a foot file?

dry feet

Hello beautiful!

Summer season is on the verge of ending, and who can tell that better than your distraught feet? All the days of wearing open-feet sandals and shoes has lead to our, at least mine feet looking dull and heaped on with dry-scaly skin. And personally, I do not like my feet in such condition. Our feet are most probably the worst-treated part of our body—it supports all our weight and yet we tend to pay the least amount of attention to them. Just like we pamper our facial and body skin; our feet need to feel loved too—at least once a week if not regularly! Read more