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Battle Of The Blushes – Maybelline Cheeky Glow VS Maybeline Color Show


Hello my lovelies!
If I were to ask you about one makeup product that makes you happy by just looking at it, what would it be? For me the answer would be blushes, not because I use them a lot (no, I do not) but because those colourful little pods of love just make my soul cry with ecstasy.
I love my blushes, and as much as I love them, I really hate splurging on products I later regret. And choosing to blog about beauty and makeup I feel a responsibility towards my readers who want to know what products to invest in and what products to skip. So here I am with a comparison post of the two cutesie babies from the house of Maybelline which look like reprised versions of the same thing. Read more

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Best Budget Makeup Brands In India


Makeup—the sole obsession which can take you from rich to poor in just a matter of few purchases. Hit me on the head if I am wrong. And to ward off the poverty curse akin to good makeup, we always try to look out for brands which sell quality for cheaper prices. And such brands are generally atoned as Drugstore brands and are generalised as pocket friendly brands. True that we love bargain products, but we need to understand the difference between drugstore brands and reasonably priced brands.
What may be categorised as drugstore aborad, like L’Oreal, may not be necessarily that pocket friendly for us in India. So below I have enlisted top 5 makeup brands which deliver amazing quality at actually cheap prices. So in no particular order, here we go. Read more

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Whats In My September Globox 2016!


Hello my curvies

So its been quite a few months since The Curvy Princess first came into existence, and I just feel like extending a heart felt thanks to all my readers viewers and supporters who have been following my work and keeping in touch through facebook, instagram and the comments section. All your love has started getting the blog some public recognition and brand collaborations which is great. So here is one such PR sample service post which I will be reviewing today. Read more

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My Experience With The Root Deep Hair Treatment At AAYNA Clinic


Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror”

-Khalil Gibran

 Merhaba my princesses!

Today’s post is about a cosmetology clinic review, and all those spa feels have got me go very Saudi-ish. And those of you who don’t know, merhaba is basically a greeting equivalent to hello in the Turkish language. Why Turkish, you may ask? Well, the reasons are many fold. The first being the fact that the hair spa I experienced at the Aayna clinic made me feel all luxuriant, and secondly, the continuous playing of Fatmagul, a Turkey based story adaptation on the dreaded Zindagi channel on television has finally started to take a toll on me. Enough for a mini rant, getting back to the review now.                                   Read more

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TheFaceShop is All Set To Enter The Indian Markets


Hello there my curvies!

So there was a time when I so miserably hated the notion of experimenting with my makeup and skincare product. yes, I behaved like an obnoxious little old woman, only that I was never little, tbh! But there are times which demand change and changing with times is all for the best. As much as I love sticking to basics, I cannot deny that korean skincare products have always been my weakness, not just because of their super cute and chic packagings but also the above excellence quality. New brands entering the Indian markets is always a welcome in my vision and when the brand is The Face Shop, you need to give the brand some credit.  Read more