Welcome to the real world of “The Curvy Princess” where I pen down just what I like. What started in 2013 as a freelancer content development hobby slowly and gradually seeped its feet deep inside the bright dungeons of blogging.

A Delhi girl with a passion for all things makeup, fashion and food is how I would have someone describe me. And The Curvy Princess weaves through my persona vividly. The blog seeks to feature all the hep eateries, fine dining restaurants, bakeries and lounges alike; with something for everyone.

And as food is not just the only passion “The Curvy Princess” has, we promise to feature all the latest product launches in the Indian beauty market—from drugstore makeup brands to skincare launches. You are bound to find just what you are looking for.

And if there is any product or place you want us to feature and review on the blog, come say “hi” and I swear I will take all your recommendations into consideration.

Apart from food and makeup, if there is one more thing which attracts “The Curvy princess”—it is fashion. And being curvy, or rather a plus-size, I know the struggle for fashion is real! So no more unrealistic fashion OOTD’s which you would never ever replicate. Rather I’ll bring to you the real curvy-girl-fashion OOTD’s—which I swear, will be fun and very practical. We are with you on this girl.