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Shein Plus Size — What to expect?


Hello guys!

It has been quite a while since I last had a word with you all, so here I am writing this heartfelt blog post about my personal life while also giving you an insight of one of my favorite brands when it comes to plus size fashion clothing. Yes, I am going to talk about SHEIN’s plus size clothing collection and my experience with it.

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One Saree Fits All Ft CRAFTSVILLA


The next time you feel hesitant about wearing a sari, take a deep breath and think of what your mom, or your grandmom would have worn on their most important days. Whether you are six feet-plus, curvy, petite or plus-sized; a well-draped handloom sari can make you look just as sexy as a LBD. So why are young women today reluctant to be seen in six yards of Chanderi? Why is a sari still something our moms would wear and not every  20 somethings’ wardrobe staple? On this very note, I decided to team up with India’s most trusted saree brand to show how any and every body type can rock a sari.

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SHEIN Plus Size–My Experience, Selections and Reviews.


SheIn, for those of you that might not know, is an online shopping website with a huge inventory at crazy low prices (seems too good to be true). Is it? I first ran across SheIn from seeing other bloggers rave about their perfect finds and how they just got a dozen items for under a few thousand bucks. This girl loves a good steal. So, naturally, I did some investigation to figure out if this was some scam or the best news ever.

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Finding Your Perfect Dress Fit with AMYUDS


Fundamental style tips for plus-size women

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Welcoming Off Shoulder Plus Size Dresses and Statement Sleeves WIth CALAE


The off the shoulder top or dress has a growing number of fans – I’m definitely on #teamOTS.

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The One Shoulder Ft CALAE


Raise your hand if you’re happy the one shoulder is back.  Read more

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Keeping it Chic and Casual with AMYDUS


Society (and the fashion industry) is finally catching up to what we’ve known for years: Exercisers come in all shapes and sizes. For a long time, cute, trendy, workout wear was reserved only for those who wear straight sizes, while plus size workout clothes were frumpy, boring, and not designed with active bodies in mind (hello, falling waistbands and unsupportive sports bras). Read more


Finding Footwear For Women Online Made Easy Ft. JIVAANA


Whenever it comes to dressing up elegantly, footwear are very important part of it. It is very well known that the personality of a person can very well we analyzed by the type of footwear that they wear. And nowadays, a lot of girls are attracted towards the ethnic footwear. You can get footwear for any type of outfit. Some types of ethnic footwear such as Kolhapuri chappals, Punjabi juttis etc. are available on Jivaana.

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Divatress: The perfect place for hair solutions

divatress 2

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Hair is one of the most important beauty element of a woman and it can either make or break your look for the day!

Alas! We all face many hair problems on a daily basis whether it is a bad hair day, no time for washing hair, dandruff, oily hair and when it comes to ‘good hair day’, they come rarely! Read more


5 Things You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal Ft. Clinic Eximus


Hello curvies!

I first heard about laser hair removal when I read about it in a beauty magazine years ago. The article explained how this hair removal method, although very effective, was super expensive. And, it also mentioned how there were few laser hair removal centers at the time. Basically, I finished the article thinking that there was no need to leave my waxing salon (or ditch my trusty razor) for a laser hair removal treatment anytime soon. Well, here we are years later, and pretty much everything about laser hair removal has changed. I didn’t realize how easy this hair removal treatment was until a doctor friend of mine told me about her regular laser surgery procedures a few months ago. “Isn’t expensive?!” I asked. “Doesn’t it hurt?” I wondered. Read more