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My Last Minute Indian Mehendi-Sangeet Guest Look

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Hello my princesses!

With the wedding season here and so many of you lovelies sending in me pictures of yourself dolled up as the real princesses as you are makes me so happy. So I just thought, why not share in return with you guys my go to look this wedding season? And honestly, this is not a typical wedding look, but a look which I pulled together at the last moment for a friend’s mehendi and sangeet function. Traditionally, a typical mehendi and sangeet is a small cozy function which focuses more on fun and dance than the glam quotient, and this being a last moment call, I quickly got together a look to the best of my abilities and here I am sharing it with you all.

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Most Trending & Modern Styles Of Sarees For Your Street Fashion



Most Trending & Modern Styles Of Sarees For Your Street Fashion

Hello my curvies!

With the wedding season here, this one here is a different post on The Curvy Princess. Who doesn’t love to adorn themselves in latest styles & trends of street fashion? Being you & trying out something sassy & bold is not everyone’s cup of tea. So bundle up girls, it is time to fall in love with cool & classy street fashion styles for your fave designer sarees & we’ll tell you how to own them with grace!!! Read more

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OOTD : What I Wore To My Fresher’s Party!

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Hello my curvies!

The Fresher Party Season is here, and with the much raved Freshers Season also comes the much dreaded time–the time when you have to choose that perfect outfit which makes you look smart, confident, screams elegance, and makes you look different but not overpowering. Sounds terrifying, right? And if by chance you are like me, choosing a first impression outfit becomes all the more difficult. But that is what we are here for, to help each other out in such times of distress. Right? Read more

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Trend Alert – Side Slit And How To Style It


Hello pretty ladies,

How are your days passing by this monsoon season? Everything seems so pretty and romantic! Isn’t it? So why not make our wardrobe look equally appealing, pretty and romantic; to go with the monsoon vibe?

Side slit has been an ever green fashion in Hollywood and b-town alike, and it is no hidden fact that the slit trend has always looked intriguing to us Indian women! There is no right or wrong when it comes to styling and fashion, but it never hurts to know how to style a particularly difficult fashion style. So here are a few styling how to’s for the side-slit trend for the Indian wardrobe. Read more


Wear The Trend–Collared shirt with necklace


Hello fashionistas!
The days of sleeveless tank tops will soon be gone and coming are the days of collared shirts—yay, autumn is soon coming in a couple of months! I agree, no matter how cosy and formal collared shirts look and feel, they undoubtedly can be a bit monotonous—and monotonous things generally pave way for boredom!
But worry not sweethearts; we have something to kill your monotony and amp up your boring shirts. So are you ready to take your old collared shirt from drab to fab? Check these ideas out! Read more


Unveiling The Secrets To A Taller Looking Body Without High Heels


The grass is always claimed to be greener on the other side of the field. Isn’t it? But what about those gorgeous girls who are not able to climb, up the fence to glance upon the greenery on the other side? No, I do not mean to demoralize you. Beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes, and you, dear short girls come in the size “cute”. There is nothing bad about being short and petite, the bad thing would e not to accept your body shape and crib about it.

Every shape is beautiful, and if you learn to work along your body shape, you can look good no matter what. Adding a few inches to your body is not possible after the age of 21, or maybe 22.  But what we can do is to create the illusion of longer legs, by keeping in mind these few tips and tricks. Read more

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Styling Crop Tops On A Plus Size Body


Hello my curvy fashionistas!

How are your days passing by? Mine are going by pretty awesome if you do not consider the one or two shaemful comments, I, a curvy girl, has to hear due to her body. Being curvy is nothing to be ashamed of but our society has somehow made it look like the same.

Crop tops, I am not even exaggerating, can get very intidimating, especially for us curvy girls! Most curvy girrls, or as the society likes to label us, overwight girls, freak out at just the mention of wearing a crop top. But enough of body shaming; crop top is not an exclusive club you girls, all of us can, and should rock it—that too with heap loads of confidence. More than anything, wearing crop top on curvy body is a clear cut way to challenge the society and tell it that you love your curves no matter what anyone has to say about it. Read more