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Celebrating The Pantone Colour Of 2017 With AMYDUS

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Its the beginning of the New Year and with a new year comes new beginnings, new hopes, new aspirations, new resolutions and also a brand new Pantone colour. 2015 was the year of marsala color, and last year Rose Quartz and Serenity ruled the pantone world. But this year is different, and our humble greens have leaped up with a bang and they are here to stay. The pantone color of this year is Greenery and like everything, we are here to embrace it in our curvy lifestyle with one of the most versatile plus size Indian Brand, AMYDUS.

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How To Style Denim On Denim For A Curvy Body Ft. Dresslil


Wearing Denim on Denim has always been a much debated clothing spectacle since long; and when it comes to wearing denim on denim for a curvy body, it definitely needs to get some thought. Denims are generally heavier fabrics and draping the entire silhouette in it can tend to make the body look bulkier. So here I am, pondering whether or not can I wear the much talked about denim on denim look without the outfit looking unflattering. And finally, I planned out a look which just does not fit into the denim on denim category but also is extremely flattering.

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Living The Curvy Monochrome Life Feat Nextmia


Being a plus size woman in India I was always a very conscious kid. But, bam, 2016, and I started taking my baby steps towards plus size fashion blogging and since then there has been no looking back. As an endorser of body positivity, I made sure to experiment with all sorts of fashion and bring it back to you so that all you curvies can see, If I can, then everybody can. But then there are times when even fashion bloggers want to give experimentation a break, and go back to the basic monochrome tones.

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How To Style Trench Jackets On Curvy Figures Ft. Dresslily

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Hola my curvies!

You guys have been so generous in showing love to The Curvy Princess, and I can not thank you enough for it. The numbers might be next to nothing for some, but for me, the kind of personal relationships I am getting to share with you lovely people is way more than any number. And I have noticed that you guys feel the most connected when I share my personal anecdotes on the blog, so here I am with yet another personal plus-size styling post. Yes, it is a styling post, as in how I like to dress my latest obsession– my rust trench jacket for my fuller figure! So buck up people, yet another Plus Size  styling post is coming your way.

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My Last Minute Indian Mehendi-Sangeet Guest Look

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Hello my princesses!

With the wedding season here and so many of you lovelies sending in me pictures of yourself dolled up as the real princesses as you are makes me so happy. So I just thought, why not share in return with you guys my go to look this wedding season? And honestly, this is not a typical wedding look, but a look which I pulled together at the last moment for a friend’s mehendi and sangeet function. Traditionally, a typical mehendi and sangeet is a small cozy function which focuses more on fun and dance than the glam quotient, and this being a last moment call, I quickly got together a look to the best of my abilities and here I am sharing it with you all.

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OOTD : What I Wore To My Fresher’s Party!

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Hello my curvies!

The Fresher Party Season is here, and with the much raved Freshers Season also comes the much dreaded time–the time when you have to choose that perfect outfit which makes you look smart, confident, screams elegance, and makes you look different but not overpowering. Sounds terrifying, right? And if by chance you are like me, choosing a first impression outfit becomes all the more difficult. But that is what we are here for, to help each other out in such times of distress. Right? Read more

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Styling Crop Tops On A Plus Size Body


Hello my curvy fashionistas!

How are your days passing by? Mine are going by pretty awesome if you do not consider the one or two shaemful comments, I, a curvy girl, has to hear due to her body. Being curvy is nothing to be ashamed of but our society has somehow made it look like the same.

Crop tops, I am not even exaggerating, can get very intidimating, especially for us curvy girls! Most curvy girrls, or as the society likes to label us, overwight girls, freak out at just the mention of wearing a crop top. But enough of body shaming; crop top is not an exclusive club you girls, all of us can, and should rock it—that too with heap loads of confidence. More than anything, wearing crop top on curvy body is a clear cut way to challenge the society and tell it that you love your curves no matter what anyone has to say about it. Read more