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Minimal Makeup Look For College Girls Ft. Maybelline

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College and Makeup are two things which seem so lucrative when put together, yet make us feel so apprehensive with just the thought of going a bit over board with makeup? I bet, if you are in college right now and are reading this, you just said, “I feel you, bro!” And hi five woman, I know how cool and at the same time scary can wearing makeup to college can get. But with just a few spare minutes at hand, and a few cool tips and tricks incorporated here and there, you can actually wear makeup to that lecture of yours without looking too made up.
And as this is a makeup tutorial I assume that your skin is already prepped (cleansed, toned and moisturised) and we are all ready to dig into the makeup part. Read more

Make-up for newbies


You know, the most beautiful thing about makeup is that it has scope for individuality.

Make-up can be fun, and exciting; but at the same time it can get overwhelming. Each one of us has a phase in our lives when we feel like exploring the make-up aisles; but looking at the huge variety, we seem lost. Same happened with me, and I felt like having an expert guide to lead me through my make-up hoarding sessions. But you are the few lucky ones, for whom we have compiled a go-to list of the bare basics of make-up which you couldn’t and shouldn’t do without.


Starting with the face, I would recommend getting your face prepped. Think of make-up as an art, you as a make-up artist and your face as a canvas. And art looks beautiful if the artist has a clean canvas to work upon.

  1. Toner: Invest in a toner. End of story. I have no idea why people tend to skip up this one little step. Some of you might be thinking, toner is skin care, why have I included it under make-up. I know technically toner is not make-up, but I swear that toned skin holds on to make-up beautifully. Toner helps in tightening your pores, and even helps the moisturizer to penetrate in your skin much deeper. And a moisturized skin with tight, less visible pores helps in flawless, even make-up application. After cleansing your face use a cotton swab doused with toner, to remove any excess cleansing solution left over on the skin to give you a flawlessly clean face to work with.

FAB INDIA TEA TREE SKIN TONER is what I religiously use and swear by. It works beautifully.
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