5 DIY ideas for room décor – Indian Version!


Hello all the pretty little creative minds reading this DIY post here. We have always been surfing pinterest and youtube and what not just to find the perfect DIY room décor ideas, and I dare say, we do find some pretty good ones; the problem arises when we run from store to store, and to our dismay, are unable to find the requisite materials for the DIY.

All of us have at least one glass in our kitchen’s who have strayed away from their counterparts, in other terms, we all buy a pair of pretty scotch glasses, and then one falls down the rack, and tch! It shatters, and we are left with just one of them. Sad! And unless you are an alone drinker, that glass is a pretty much waste. So you have it for turning it into a beautiful DIY. Same sad stories for glass jars, forgotten pieces of art and what not.

So here I have compiled a list of the Indian version of 5 simple, yet, oh-so-beautiful DIY ideas for your cosy little room.

Unique Candle Stand


Pick a glass somewhat similar to a whiskey glass, or something which is broad all over, as you need to fit in a tiny little candle inside it. Then comes the fun, colourful part. Chose colourful baby head bands for your DIY project. Most newly turned mothers reading this, would know what I am talking about. Yes, the same mesh type things which come in sizes apt for a baby girl’s head. The fabric used is soft and elastic, and you can get them anywhere easily for about 5 or 10 bucks at the most. Chose colourful headbands in vibrant solid hues, or you can even go for one’s with ombre effect. Just put those cute little bands on the glass, wrapping them completely. Place a small candle inside the glass, and see the magic.

These would be exceptionally cute for diwali as well.

Sparkle Jars

sparkle heart

Living in India, all of you, at least once in your lifetime, would have purchased a jar of Dabur Honey or Nescafe coffee. The kinds which come in cute glass jars, yes, those! Once you finish the contents of the container, give it a good wash, try and peel of their stick-on packaging and let it sun-dry completely. Now, taking a plain white piece of paper, draw two equal hearts and cut them out. Any plain paper will do, it’s just the shape that matters.

Now applying a little fevistick to one end of the heart cut out, stick both the cut outs on opposite ends of the inside of the jar. Next, take a proportion of 80-20 fevicol-water solution, and  cover the insides of the jar with a thin coating of the same. Now while the fevicol is still wet, pour a good amount of sparkly glitter (any color, I prefer hues of golden). Now shut the lid back on to the jar tightly and give it a good shake, so as to cover the inside walls of the jar with the glitter completely. The glitter will adhere to the walls due to the fevicol mixture.

Finally, using a pair of tweezers, pluck out the little cut outs from the inside of the jar, revealing beautiful heart shaped see-through windows on the jar. Now fill the jars with whatever you would love to, I would generally fill them half-way through with plastic balls. They create a nice peek-a-boo effect. Place them near your window or a lamp shade and let it work its sparkly magic.

Striped Glass Vase

Buying swanky flower vases can get too expensive at times. So why not create something chic and expensive looking, without having to shell out the extra cash. Get a glass vase, a transparent one, of the shape and size of your choice. Take some scotch tape, and apply the scotch tape on the outer wall of the vase, as if you are creating stripes. Just keep in mind the distance between the two strips of tape to be consistent. Now stuff the inner part of the vase with extra newspaper, you do not want the paint to stain the insides. Now either using opaque, metallic glass paints or metallic coloured spray-paints (they are hassle-free) and paint the outer side of the vase.

Once the paint dries-off, remove the strips of scotch tape one by one, revealing a beautifully striped design on the vase. Here, a polished and chic looking eye-candy without having to spend a fortune.

Hang a colourful tapestry on the wall


So you have a wall behind your bed that looks too dull, and a beautiful piece of tapestry (or even a snuggly designed rug with an artistic design for the winter months) lying idle in the corner of your room? Mix them up and go crazy with them. You can hang either of the tapestry or the rug behind the bed, on the wall. Just keep in mind the fabrics used. Breezy fabrics would go well with the spring and summer months, and keep the heavier fabrics for the colder months to keep in touch with the ongoing trends.

A poster size picture with DIY borders

room decor

We all have one picture of us or our family which brings back all the pleasant memories. Get the picture enlarged to a poster size, it does not cost much, really. The costing goes high when we decide to get the wooden borders done. This DIY will serve the purposes of cutting cost as well as making something beautiful. Taking the poster size photograph and some cute (and thick) handmade sheets, cut out quirky or elegant borders (depending on your taste) and set them alongside the length an d width of the picture.

And if you cannot decide on a single picture, get creative and get a collage made and printed on a poster size sheet. It would look equally amazing.

So here is my pretty way of decking up my room, without shelling out extra cash for the same. What new ideas would you incorporate? Let me know in the comments box below. J

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