Making Hugs Warmer with Godrej Ezeehugs

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Winters in India can get super harsh but we Indians are known to brighten all the pale & gloom with our collective and community-led initiatives, aren’t we? 

One such act of genuine kindness that Delhi witnessed recently( now successfully running for multiple editions) is the Ezee Hugs campaign that Godrej Ezee ( my favorite detergent which keeps my winter-wears colorful) runs where woolens are crowd-sourced and then distributed among the needy kids, street-dwellers etc who cannot afford proper winter-wears.


The winter does not discriminate with the chills but some of us are just situationally lucky to have been born in households & circumstances where we were always cozy,well-protected and incredibly happy during winters. Now think of the underprivileged children who barely manage to survive the winters ( hundreds of them actually succumb too – in hands of the frosty Delhi winters every year)

The story of Rahul and Bittu actually pens down the entire situation well. Catch it here:

So in this year of the Ezee Hugs campaign, Godrej very successfully partnered with more than 30 colleges across Delhi for on-site woolen collections ( I being an active participant in the Delhi students’ scene had the good opportunity of actively leading some of the related events and setting up Ezee Hugs donation boxes across multiple campuses )

Not just colleges, the campaign also saw participation from well-known schools across the city, prominent partners like Hindustan time, OLA cabs, corporate partners like Bajaj, Vedanta, Oyo etc. and of curse Aarohan – the NGO who has been helping Ezee redistribute the collected woolens among communities of the lesser privileged and needy.


In a lively event held at the FMS campus, the famous RJ Sid conducted an activity where students had to brave the chills for 5 mins by removing their sweaters. The 5 mins in the chills were unbearable too, demonstrating a vital point about the sufferings of the needy children who have to live months of chill without even close-to-adequate sweaters.

Selfies, posts, and tweets contributed to the existing online buzz around the campaign, and all of these meant Delhiites came out in large numbers to donate woolens this year and make the cause a grand success.

This year saw almost 80,000 woolens being donated. I am sure with all our participation, we can grow this initiative multi-fold year on year.

Drop me a message if you would want to be personally involved with this cause in the coming edition.

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