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Hello fashionistas!
The days of sleeveless tank tops will soon be gone and coming are the days of collared shirts—yay, autumn is soon coming in a couple of months! I agree, no matter how cosy and formal collared shirts look and feel, they undoubtedly can be a bit monotonous—and monotonous things generally pave way for boredom!
But worry not sweethearts; we have something to kill your monotony and amp up your boring shirts. So are you ready to take your old collared shirt from drab to fab? Check these ideas out!

111. What better way to wear the collared shirt trend than to pair a neutral toned sweater with a black and white checkered collar shirt? This style is a classic, and just like the classics go—pairing this attire up with a chunky jewelled neck piece is total glam! Be it an office meeting, a lecture in the college, or a day out with your girlfriends—this should be your go-to style to wear a collared shirt.

2. So maybe the weather is not cool enough for layering up your collared shirts just yet! But that should not keep you from styling a gorgeous collared shirt. For this look chose bright coloured, even bold pastels would do, plain basic collared shirts which you can wear with rolled-up sleeves. Pair the plain coloured shirt with a statement neck piece—a monotone necklace or a necklace with varied colours which complement your shirt! Do I need say anything more?


3. Okay, so this one here is an unconventional way to wear the newly-famed statement collared shirt style. You don’t really need to actually wear a collared shirt to embrace the trend, all you can do is just cut off the collar from your favourite but old shirt and use it anytime you feel like wearing the statement collar trend. Even with your pretty backless, or deep neck dresses!


4. Denims are my go-to favourites when it comes to collared shirts! I mean, seriously, what is better than pairing a stone-wash denim shirt, some white pants and a diamond inspired statement neck piece with gorgeous cuts? Such perfection for a Sunday brunch—femininely chic, yet so effortless! Wear it under the shirt and you are all set for the peek-a-boo look to wreak its havoc! 😉

5. Again, here comes another not-so conventional ways to wear your collared shirt. Don’t have any statement piece to Add onto the shirt to achieve the look? No problem! Take up some jewelled or pearl embellishments and just sew (glue them on—that’s my lazy girl hack) them onto the edges of the collars of your most favourite, but boring, toned-down collared shirt. Talk about taking up your style game now!

6. You knew that my list for ways of styling could not end without pearls—didn’t you? Now this has to be THE way to style collared attire. Wear some denim shirt, layer it up with a toned down neutral pull-over tee and add pearls—strings of glorious, gorgeous, intricate pearls—and not just one, add loads of them! You can never go wrong or overboard with pearls! Period.

So now that we have compiled a list for you to carry this trend with style; which styling tips are you going to reinforce in your wardrobe? Share with us your pictures wearing the trend!

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