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10 Reasons To Justify Your Man Crushing Over Diljit Dosanjh

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When it comes to talking about celebrity heart throbs, there is just one man who kills it all–especially if you are from the Dosanjh Addicted clan. And that cute heart, my friends, is the one and only Diljit Dosanjh. Starting off as a low key man from a small pind in Punjab, Dosanjh, Diljit has had the valour to make it big. From music videos, to punjabi movies, bollywood and mainstream television and reality shows, this man has seen it all with his long years of hard work and commitment. He is cute, there is no denying that, but there is so much more to this humble personality than just his cute smile.

I am pretty sure there are so many of you crushing over him already, so I thought of bringing you 10 reasons to justify your man crushing over this Punjabi star. And for those who do not know him yet, you’ll fall in love with him once you go through all these points. *Dancing In Excitement*

  1. He brought the romantic revolution to the trashy rap genre of punjabi music. With songs like Ishq Haazir Hai, Do You Know and Channo, he completely changed the perception of the punjabi music territory which was long enclosed in the hands of dirty lyrics and obnoxious rap.

2. He sure started off under the influence of Honey Singh and the likes and sang some trash himself. Lakk 28 Kudi Da being one of the most vivid examples of his mistakes as a debutant. But he is a man with morals, and soon after he realised how offensive that song was and very eagerly apologised for singing it. It takes huge guts to apologise on a universal level, and only Diljit could have done it with a big smile on his lips.

3. And How can we forget, for all the trash being sung in Punjabi music industry, he gave us the legendary melody of Ikk Kudi which he sung with Alia Bhatt for his first bollywood movie, Udta Punjab. Ikk Kudi song has been inspired from Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s iconic poem. This is what Diljit does to music. *Heaven*

4. The ever growing fame of the humble Bullet becoming BULT got its heat from none other than Diljit Dosanjh. Ask one person in North India if they love BULLET and the first thing they’ll do is correct you, because its BULT and not Bullet. Thankyou for getting the dug-dug BULT the ace fame it deserved Diljit.

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5. If you are on Snapchat, then you must, I SAY MUST, follow him on snapchat. You ask why? First, because he is DILJIT DOSANJH for heaven’s sake. Second, he is the most entertaining celebrity snapchat has on board. Third, he give’s you each of his life updates and never does once he forgets his roots. No celeb glam or show off, I promise! Plus, he also features mini clips of his fans all the time on his personal account.

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6. Diljit Dosanjh has been trying so hard to get the punjabi youth get back to its roots. He can often be seen in ethnic punjabi wear and the way he speaks, it sure looks like he has taken upon himself to bring the youth of punjab back to its culture, tradition and mother tongue. In an era when everyone is on board westernisation, Diljit comes across as a breath of fresh air. And take it from me, your cousins living in the west love him much more than we Indians do; he is no less than an international star.

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7. His Obsession with the Kardashians makes him so much like us. He makes it clear that celeb stalking is real, is normal and even celebs do it. Be it his fan boy obsession with Kylie Jenner, or his school boy obsession with Kanye West’s Yeezy Boots. He is so real, which makes him so much more adorable and approachable.
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8. He has been one of the most humble, honest, candid and entertaining celebrity to shoot the Face Time with Anupama Chopra. Talking about his start off, journey, shoots, lifestyle, habits, interests and what not, he came across as the most real celebrity ever interviewed by Anupama Chopra. His interview is such a treat to the eyes and ears.

9. And of course, his swagger style is unbeatable. Be it sherwani, or a three piece suit, or a tuxedo or a kurta pyjama or what not, he carries off all of it in such style giving us major #goals.

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10. And lastly, how can we forget that he is the man who upturned the definition of mainstream punjabi cinema all together by giving us the legendary Jatt and Juliet movie series. Before Jatt and Juliet, punjabi cinema was big but only in Punjab, but after these movie series, punjabi cinemas are a big hit all across north delhi with big screens showing it on a regular basis.
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