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10 Reasons Why Suhail Nayyar Is The Much Awaited Heart Throb Of Bollywood

Gone are the days of fan-crushing over the Kapoors and the Khans. Like seriously, family names cannot take you places in today’s generation. People know whom to love and whom to hate, and trust me, its all based on Talent. And when 100% talent is mixed with 200% good looks, we are all set to welcome the package with open arms. Oh, and if you are wondering who the 100% Talent and 200% Good looks is, it is none other than our very own “Gabru Da Crew” urf “Jassi” aka Tommy Veera’s (Shahid kapoor”s) cousin in the movie UDTA PUNJAB.

He has become a personal favourite over the couple of weeks and let me share with you guys why. But beware, ypou might just fall in love with the magnetic persona after reading this post, so continue reading at your own risk. Oh wait, who am I kidding, I know you people are dying to see more of this hottie.

  1. Jassi AKA Suhail knows his style well.

suhail 9

2. Gabru Da Crew would not have been complete without him.

suhail 1

3. His role in web series Life Sai Hai gives people CHIC-MAGNET goals.

suhail 4

4. He gives us “I Feel You Bro” feels through his quotes.

suhail 2

5. Even his socks are cuter than ours.

suhail 10

6. Kukki AKA Jasjit and his teddy are cuteness overload.

suhail 3

7. He gives the Fawad Khan feels in his tuxedo and beard

suhail 7

8. His sense of humour is better than yours and mine.

suhail 8

9. His Jaw Line is sharper than our perfect winged liners.


10. He can make any tuxedo look 100 times better than what it is.


So now that you have seen it all, what’s not to love about this man? A common lad from Delhi’s by lanes making it big in the b-town. You go Suhail, we all are with you!


The Curvy Princess


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