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5 Lesser Known Facts About Adnan Sami


Singers come and singers go, but Adnan Sami Khan is forever. And why shouldn’t he be? He is not only a legendary singer, the most famous indi pop star of all times, the fastest pianist in the world, but also a real life inspiration for most of us. Adnan sami proved to be an inspiration not only for the obese people who have been struggling with their weight issues but also for everyone who has ever felt the lack of will power in themselves. Adnan Sami is the epitome of sheer hardwork, will power and self perseverance. But his weight loss success story is not the only thing which he should be known for.

There are so many lesser known facts about the celebrity which are really interesting. Read on to know more.

Adnan is the youngest recipient of the Naushad Music Award for Excellence in Music.


The Naushad Music Award is one of the most prestigious awards certified for Excellence In Music in India. The likes of Lata Mangeshkar and the Music Maestro Khayam have been on the receiving end of the award and winning this award at such a young age is definitely a matter of pride for him.

He started off his career with english songs, his first hit being “Run For His Life”.


Who knew that the Indi Pop sensation once sang only english songs, later venturing into pakistani film music, inidan film music, and also telugu and tamil songs. This man is one sensational singer who has won hearts across the globe. What’s more? He can play more than 35 instruments with ease. Beat that.

He has played the lead role in the Pakistani film Sargam. FrontThe Pakistani film which released in 1995 was not only Adnan’s first vocal debut in films but also his acting debut. Yes, Adnan has acted in this film and also played the lead role. But Adnan thereafter decided to stick to his career as a musician and Sargam is till date the only movie he has ever acted in.

In 2003, Adnan acheived the distinction of being the only Asian to play in a fully sold out “Wembley Stadium”  in London for two nights straight.


As if playing in Wembley Stadium for two nights straight was not an acheivement enough, this man became the first Asian to have played in a fully sold out stadium and that two for two consecutive nights. Adnan, you make us proud, always! Also, being a professional concert pianist this man has had the honour of playing for the royalty across the globe and also for head of states and governments.

He has achieved the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the “Glory Of India Award” by the government of India.


Alright! First of all, winning a “Lifetime Achievement Award” at such a young age is applaud able in itself. But Adnan being Adnan, he managed to score the “Glory Of India award” by the Indian Government the very next year after he was awarded the “lifetime Achievement Award” by the government of Pakistan. Talk about success across boundaries.

You indeed are the Glory Of India Adnan. Team The Curvy Princess loves, respects and idealises you like none other. 🙂

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