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5 Things About Manjot Singh That You Ought To Know.

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Remember Manjot Singh, the cutesie Sardar Ji who gave us the legendary roles in Oye Lucky Lucy Oye and Fukrey? Yes, he is so much more than what is visible to the naked eye. After giving critically acclaimed performance as a child actor in Oye Lucky Lucky Oye where he played Abhay Deol’s childhood past and winning a filmfare critics award just at the age of 16, there was no looking back for this budding star.

But for every rising star there are a few facts which always go unnoticed behind their immaculate on screen roles and honed acting skills.

1. He Still Does Not Have An Agent

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From what he tells us, manjot singh is still on the lookout for a good agent. Till date his dad has been handling all the business for him. Plus, all his films came his way on their own and he just had to audition to get selected for the roles in discussion. God bless his lucky stars.

2. He Is As Shy As Any Guy Can Get


No, for him shy does not mean hanging out with girls and just not being able to ask them out on a date. For manjot, being shy is the ability to utter just a few scattered words like “Hello”, “Okay ji” and the most epic “Thankyou Ji” when a girl approaches her.

3. He Won A Filmfare At The Age Of 16


The time when we were busy floundering our time giving the dreaded board exams, Manjot Singh was super busy collecting Filmfares and the award of the likes for his iconic performance in Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. Plus he just went to a one week acting workshop in manali to get set to play the role with no prior experience in acting.

4. He played Navjot Singh Sidhu in the biopic Azhar


Playing Navjot Singh Sidhu would be an honour for any surd guy and when Manjot got the offer for the role he was more than just delighted, he was plain ecstatic. And would you call him a Mr. Perfectionist if I told you that this guy wanted to meet and observe Mr Sidhu, and also did proper research before he gave the final shots?

5. He had never acted in his life before Oye Lucky Lucky Oye


Most rising actors have a theatre or modelling background; or atleast school plays top their credit. But not Manjot Singh. Born and brought up in a Sikh Business class family, the boy grew up in Delhi and never did once acted in his life before he was selected to play Abhay Deol in Oye Lucky Lucky Oye.

Bollywood has never been kind enough to bearded men with turbans, but with the likes of Manjot Singh and Diljit Dosanjh who have made a place for themselves in Bollywood, we can see our Sardari being restored in the coming generations.

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