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The very day I set up my website, I knew I was going to meet a lot of lovely souls through this e-medium and I made sure to take my blog places. Not that I have managed to achieve any till now, but what I did manage to do was create a lovable image of myself and my blog in the eyes of people who care. So my blog completed 2 months of its existence last week, and a 2 month old baby blog definitely calls for a celebration. And there is no celebration without cakes, and no one does cakes better than my sweet friend Shobita Mutreja from I CAKE YOU.


So to celebrate our 2 months of existence Shobita sent across a basket full of baked delicacies and I took it on myself to thank her gesture by doing  a review cum feature for her brand, I CAKE YOU. Not just has she been mentioned in a lot of leading food magazines and e-portals, she has also been interviewed a couple of times because her baking speaks for her. She believes in moving ahead of time and that is why she does not only do the now conventional fondant cakes, instead she makes fondant cakes with real, edible flowers. Not only are her cakes super pretty, but dense, decadent and the leek the warmth of love that goes in her baking sessions.


If you are a cake jar fan like I am, honestly, who isn’t; you need to call up I CAKE YOU and order yourself the in-house special cake jar which has layers and layers of decadence. From sponge cake, to chocolate sauce, finely chopped nuts, peanut butter, oodles of nutella, and some more sponge cake, the cake jar has seen it all. And if having a spoonful of the cake jar wasn”t sinful enough, try warming up the jar for 30 seconds and let the warm magic melt in your mouth like no one’s business. Not too sweet, neither too overpowering; Shobita knows the way with her flavours and knows them pretty darn well.


Also, if you are more of a dry cake loaf kind of person, shobita’s super gooey and dense banana chocolate ombre cake is the name of the game. One look at the cake and it looks like any other normal banana cake, but once you slice your way through it, the beautifully created ombre, or to put it in better words, marbled cake pops out with the goodness of chocolate and banana wrapped in one. The cake is mess free, and the perfect accompaniment for your evening coffee. Plus, you cannot stop at a slice, that The Curvy princess can vouch for.


Oh yes, how could i have forgotten the scrummylicious red velvet and coffee walnut lava cakes that she sent across? That woman pampered me, and pampered me hard. One look at the exotic looking cupcakes wrapped in golden and silver lava cake liners, and I knew I wasn’t sharing them with anyone. But i had to, you know, sisters! So yeah, back to the lava cupcakes–they are the most gorgeous baked goods I have seen in a while. And not only do they look classy and drool worthy; one bite and you literally drool, or rather crave for that second bite. And also, 30 seconds in the microwave, and good bye diet schedules. yeah, that is how baking works.

Shobita is based in south delhi, and she can be reached through her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/icakeu3/ . Shobita, I am ordering from you soon lady love. Go guys, show the woman the love she deserves. 🙂

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