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How To Improve The Texture Of Your Hair The Cheap Way


Hello gorgeous people!
People these days are all about purchasing the most expensive of the expensive products to nourish their hair and improve the way it looks and feels, without realising that it is not those insanely priced hair products; but simple amendments in their habits and lifestyle is waht will make the noticeable change in their tresses!
A few simple tips, tricks, and a lot of love is all that your hair needs to attain the hair texture that you have always dreamt of! Read below to know more!

1. Use Amla in every possible way!


Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is very effective in treating dishevelled hair and helps with thinning. It even relives itchy scalp and reduces dandruff. Here are a few ways you can use Amla to combat grey hair.

a. You can use plain amla juice to massage your scalp.
b. Massage your hair with Amla juice and lemon juice in a ration of 4:1. Do this every alternate day.
c. Make your own amla hair oil. Mix amla juice with your favorite hairoil and massage on scalp and hair. You can also cut 1-2 amlas, dry a little and put them in your oil bottle. Use it like that.
d. Water soaked with amla overnight acts as a good conditioner and can be used to rinse your hair after a wash.
e. Boil one cup of dried goose berry in four cups of water. Boil the water till its quantity is reduced to one cup. Mix 2 cups of henna, 1 egg and 1 lemon juice in it and apply this mixture on your hair. Keep the paste for two hours and wash it. Don’t forget to condition. Use this once in 10 days.

2. Apply conditioner after each wash using a wide-toothed comb


So many things have been said about conditioners. I won’t like to repeat the same things here. I would only say always condition your hair after shampooing and follow this religiously.
It is a well known fact that combing wet hair makes your hair weak and brittle but you should, and must, always comb your hair after having applied the conditioner to the entire length of your strands. This technique spreads the conditioner on each and every strand of your hair very evenly and helps you achieve the real effects of conditioning. Though you should mark one thing, that the comb you are using, should be a shampoo comb or a wide toothed comb which provides the minimal hindrance to your hair strength and does not cause much tension in the strands!

3. Indulge in Hair-masks weekly!


Try to use a hair mask once in a week (or even once a month if you do not have much time to spare) to improve the overall health of your hair. These masks can be both homemade or formulated ones. The markets are flooding with deep conditioning, repairing and nourishing hair masks these days, but what i swear by is the au natural method of hair grooming! Try this insanely effective, yet cheap hair mask for improving your hair texture within a few judicious uses!

4. Oil your hair before you shampoo it!


This is THE one thing that I swear by. No matter whether your scalp is oily or dry you should always oil your hair. What I do to avoid looking *gross* with an oily scalp is that, either I oil my hair before sleeping or a few (minimum 2) hours before i shampoo! So this really helps me to bear the chemical torture on my scalp and nourish it with so many vitamins and proteins. You can also make your oiling routine more nutritious and forgiving on the hair by using a unique blend of essential oils,one or two vitamin capsules (vitamin-e preferably) ,and mixing 2 or 3 oils (in order to reap the benefits of them all) and slightly warming the concoction up before applying it to the hair!
One thing you should be vary of is that while choosing the essential oil please make sure that the fragrance suits you and doesn’t give you a headache afterwards. Because essential oils are strong and their fragrance tends to linger on!
There are many similar easy-to-neglect tips like avoiding hard water for shampooing your hair, diluting the shampoo before applying it, using heat protectants before styling the hair and to avoid hair-styling heat tools or hair setting sprays which go uncalled for when trying to maintain the lusture in your distressed locks and improving the hair texture to quite an extent! All of the above steps when used in conjunction to each other over a matter of few weeks can significantly change and improve the way your hair looks and feels—that too without leaving the path of natural goodness!

Which of these tips for improving hair texture did you like the most?


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