Now Tango twists each Friday at Erose, Nehru Place


An Argentine Tango Evening at a Eros Hotel Nehru Place was all in place to make Delhietes taste some tango moves on a weekend.
Being the only regular milonga in town that too in a 5 star property, we were effectively transported to the milongas held in Buenos Aires. Milonga by the way is a tango social. A place, where everyone who knows tango, dances. And, lest to forget only tango music is played.

To brief you more on it, Tango is a social dance from Argentina. It is a couple dance. It is very classy, sensual and sophisticated. Obama was recently seen dancing tango during his visit to Argentina. Besides football, Argentina is famous for tango.Tango is very meditative and therapeutic. People compare it to yoga and zen. Art of living Guru, Sri Sri Ravishankar ji is also promoting tango under Sri Sri Tango. Our Indian Gurus are also realising its benefits.


It is not hard core fitness activity. It is slow and gentle. Any age group can do it but a noted fact is that tangueros (people who dance tango, are refereed as tangueros) are seldom unfit. There must be a reason. Like golf, it is an amazing socialising and networking activity. Tango is also supposed to be very addictive but in a very good way. Tango is healing and curing.

In Delhi, the only school to teach tango is New Delhi tango school- NDTS

They organise regular milongas (tango socials), tango festivals and tango workshops from world renowned artists. The founder of the school is Kiran Sawhney who  is the first professionally trained Tango teacher in Delhi/India.


Kiran travelled all over the world for Tango, attended various Tango festivals, classes, practicas and milongas in UK, Tokyo, Dubai, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Singapore, Paris, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, New York and Buenos Aires, in her pursuit for Tango. Learnt from the best Tango teachers in the world. Studied (Tango teacher training program) and apprenticed with master teacher, Daniel Trenner. Teaches Argentine Tango in New Delhi. Organizes, practicas, milongas (Milonga de Mis Amores) and Tango festival.

Her perspective on Tango is also a little different and exciting, She says, “I view Argentine Tango as a physical expression of the pain, the passion, and the life. It is a non-verbal language, to express oneself in new ways. It is a wonder drug that makes you younger, sexier, more philosophical, and more of who you really are. It is a way of life. Its strength lies in its complex simplicity. It is like a natural crystal. To see it clearly, you need to explore it from its all sides, Every time you see and uncover a new layer. The simplicity lends itself to layer upon layer of meaning. There is longing, yearning, desire and escape in it. Each person brings their own light and darkness with them, and each looks to finds their place in tango. And we all work to make our peace with the dance. It may be a constant struggle. Like any good fight, though, it’s worth it. There are moments of transcendence, of desire fulfilled, of finding oneself lost in another’s arms. That is the power of this dance. “


The evening that was filled with good dance, food and drinks became even more special when Kiran touched the floor, with her master.

As mesmerizing as it may be, it became even more enchanting to see and learn from them few steps of this argentine classic dance form.

As media-persons thronged the stage with their tango moves, it was indeed something that is new to New Delhi, but is sure to spread like a wildfire craze among the youth and dance enthusiasts.

tango in delhi

Tango Nights are held each Friday at The Eros in Nehru Place, and in case if you’re interested you can also a learn a few dance steps in there.

For more inquiry contact Kiran Sawhney at kiran.sawhney@gmail.com

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