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Starting Off A New Lifestyle With Green Coffee Beans


Hello my curvies!

How is everyone doing? I personally had been going through a rough time given my Masters course schedule and of course my semester exams. But with the wedding season here and the exams over, I could not be happier. Talking of the wedding season, there is always that last moment desire to shed off those few extra kilos to either fit into that much envious dress or to feel a little less guilty for hogging on all that scrumptious food at the wedding functions. Also, “The Curvy Princess”, being a plus size blog is all about body positivity and feeling good in your own skin, and I by no means support ill-health or fad diets, loosing a few kilos with natural stuff to feel and look better is always a good idea.


Since long I had been hearing about all these magical drinks and beverages for quick, effective and healthy weight loss and undoubtedly, the Green Coffee was the most intriguing and perhaps the most exciting for me, since Dr OZ himself recommends it. Not that I am an ardent Doctor OZ follower, but that man makes sense at times and it is never bad to look up for the goodness even in the worst of men. Anyhow, this is not about me or Dr Oz but about a supposedly miraculous product called the Green Coffee Cup which is an Indian brand of Green Coffee beans.

What Is Green Coffee?

So now some of you might be interested to know about what green coffee is all about and what exactly does it do or how exactly does it work. So let me start off with the very basics. Unlike our regular black coffee beans, the green coffee beans are the beans which are just out of the coffee plants and are not roasted. They are the crude beans which have way more antioxidants and flavanoids that your regular coffee and researchers have proven that it aids in quicker weight loss if paired up with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

How Does Green Coffee Work?

green coffee

Green Coffee beans contain a substance called Chlorogenic Acid in abundance, which is believed to be responsible for the weight loss effects. Unfortunately, most of the chlrogenic acid goes away when the coffee is roasted, and that is why your regular coffee beans just won’t cut the amount of fat that a cup of green coffee will. I have done my fair share of research on these beans before starting the program, and from what I know, Green Coffee can boost up your metabolism upto 3-11% and also it decreases the carbohydrate absorption in your body.

Price And Quantity

So the green coffee beans I have started off with come from a reputed Indian brand called the Green Coffee Cup and they retail it for INR 1690 per pack. Also, I cant really say about the quantity that comes in a pack (as it is not mentioned anywhere on the package) but I have two packs of it which, from what I have been told will last me for a month and a half.

green coffee 2

The instructions of how to prepare a warm snuggly cup of green coffee are very clearly given on the rear side of the pack, but if you guys want me do a separate post on how I make my coffee, just leave a comment down below and I will make sure to do it for you lovelies.

On a parting note, I would like to say that I am by no means endorsing the brand or the products. I was just sent the products to try by the brand for myself and was told that I could loose up to 7-10 kilos by just adding this to my daily routine, and so I decided to try it and review the same for you people on the blog so that you can have a first hand experience cum review of the intriguing product. This is not a sponsored post. And a follow up blog post will be following at the end of my two packs of green coffee beans to share with you guys my before and after results. Stay updated.

Disclaimer : This is not a paid post, however, I was sent the samples to try out but the thoughts presented on my website are purely my own and not influenced by the brand.

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