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The 10 best websites to shop online!


The unsettled question of online shopping versus actual shopping can never be entirely solved. Whether you are an ardent “GET-OUT-IN-THE-SUN-AND-SHOP-TILL-YOU-DROP” kind of a woman or slouchy bum who loves to “SHOP-IN-HER-COMFORTABLE-PJ’S”; trying out your hand at online shopping is worth a try. Now that we have already talked about the do’s and don’ts of online shopping, the question of the safest and most convenient websites arises?

No, we are not going to leave you mid-way in the wide ocean of e-commerce platform. Here we have compiled a list of 10 best online shopping websites, meant for various kinds of products, which will take you to the shore (pun intended). 😀

NOTE: none of these websites are placed in any chronological order, the listing is entirely random.


  1. Amazon—Be it an amateur or a pro at online shopping, who hasn’t heard of Amazon? Like seriously? I do not even wish to write what it can do for you guys. Ok, let me put it this way. It is THE BESTEST (if any such word ceases to exist) online shopping portal. You name it, the website has it. The site offers quick and secure delivery, alongside with a tracking option. The best part, they operate in India too now, and yes they are having a free delivery limited period offer. Go grab the opportunity while it lasts.


  1. Ebay.in— Having sang the praises of Amazon, let us make sure that eBay.in stands no less. From electronics, to fashion goodies, home décor, sound systems, imported gadgets, skin care, cosmetics; the site has it all. There is no such field in lifestyle products that the site misses; at least that is what we personally think. With secure payment options and money-back guarantee, this site is worth giving a shot.


  1. Flipkart—Flipkart is one such site which has taken the Indian E-commerce economy by storm. I don’t think there would be any online shopper who, once in his lifetime, wouldn’t have ordered from the flipkart site. This website now also offers a specialized app which makes the shopping experience all the more hassle free and less time consuming. The website offers a wide array of books (both paperback and e-books), clothing, accessories, health and nutrition, personal care, kitchen accessories, home décor, and much more.


  1. Jabong—This website is one of my favorites on the internet. All your fashion queries can come to a halt here, because this website has a huge spectrum of imported goods and branded clothing, shoes, make-up products and also has a separate section dedicated to keeping your home looking fashionable. So it is basically a website which helps both you and your dwelling stay up-to-date and look effortlessly chic. The website has regular offers and deals coming up, and comes with super-fast and safe shipping.


  1. Latest one—yes, yes I agree that buying expensive gadgets can sound a bit too overwhelming and confusing while shopping online; but this is where our latest hero comes into full swing. Although this website is not heard about much as it is a newly blossomed website. But trust us when we say these guys are simply awesome. It is a virtual tech zone where you can buy every possible kind of electronic gadget. Be it HDMI cables, mobile phones, tablets, mobile cases and covers, laptop skins, power banks or tablet cases; this website offers a large range of variety and that too at super-awesome prices and quick delivery.


  1. Lens kart—saw that advertisement on television where a guy asks a girl out for coffee, and how she keeps on rejecting him till he wears the most flattering glasses? Exaggerated enough? Yeah, maybe the guy you ask out while wearing spectacular glasses may not resent, but surely you could try on innumerous kinds of frames and decipher what suits you best. This is one of a kind website on the Indian e-commerce platform and all you geeky-look lovers, it is worth giving a try.


  1. Pepper fry—so you just shifted into your dream home and are cribbing about how you would have to spend hours out in the sun in order to furnish your house as per your whims, that too keeping in mind your strict budget. Why don’t you try your hand at online shopping, and no, we are not asking you to buy used furniture from OLX. That would be plain horrible. The way to go is pepper fry.in which has made quite some name in the online market for its efficient service, in-budget prices, customer turn-over and decent range of products. No more sweaty furniture-shopping woes.


  1. Snapdeal—this is most probably the first ever website which made a huge name in the e-commerce industry. The oldest of almost all Indian websites, this site offers discount coupons on eateries, spas, gyms and salons, along with a huge selection of products. Top them off with regular flash sales, end-of-season and festive discounts; and you have a website which will snuggle up in your list of bookmarked website pages.


  1. Myntra—gosh, had it not been for myntra, how would you fashion peeps manage to get the best of the branded stuff, in the best of the condition, at the best of the prices? No I am not exaggerating here, all these claims somehow tend to hold true for myntra. From clothing, sunglasses, handbags, shoes, perfumes, belts, watches and other accessories; it is the best fashion online portal to buy anything and everything fashion. Period.


  1. Nykaa—all you beauty freaks out there, scream yaaayyyy! No seriously, just do it for once, you will feel good. Nykaa is most probably the first and only reputed “make-up shopping” website in India. It offers products from across the globe; Maybelline, L’Oreal, Colorbar, Essence, Rimmel, NARS, Nyx, you just name it and this little solicit of heaven has it for you. And the best part is the regular offers the website offers on various brands for limited periods of time. If you can get hold of a good deal, do not let it go. Please.

So now that you have a list of the best websites where you can safely and easily shop online, what are you guys waiting for. Go clicking; the products you always wished for are yearning for you to add them in your shopping cart, or at least in your wish list. 😉

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