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Experiencing The Exquisite French Cuisine At Delifrance Cyber Hub


Hello my lovelies!

When I first started off my journey as a blogger, I knew my blog will not be confined to one particular niche, instead it will be an e-diary of my journey, in which I will be listing all that I love, hate and adore. Every journey that I may embark upon will be pitched down here for you lovelies to read and if possible, recreate. And if it comes to jotting down things and places that I love, I just cannot miss mentioning this one quaint little french cafe located in the busting cyber hub area of Gurugram. 


The very mention of French cafe gives me a very cliched idea of beautiful, fancy and chic decor with scrumptious (read fancy) food with fancier names; and Cafe Delifrance checks all the boxes that my imagination had. Cafe Delifrance, located in Cyber Hub is one of the most serene cafes in the vicinity with both indoors and outdoors sitting.


The outdoor decor with its conventional and not-so-conventional sitting spaces is such that you would want to get a table there, especially during sunny winter afternoons. And if you are one of those who is constantly on the look out for a nice, quite little cafe for that romantic date or a girls day out, then Delifrance Cafe is for you.


With an extensive, and thoughtfully curated menu with everything French and Exotic on it, the cafe steals the show even when it comes to food. Initially known just for its mind blowing cafe menu, the French Cafe has now also ventured into main course, leaving no stone unturned to win its customers by providing them everything they need under one roof.


But if there is one thing which is more important than the decor or for that matter even the food, is the kind of servers waiting your tables. And undoubtedly, Delifrance has some of the best staff in NCR. The manager and the waiters alike know the menu up and close and are there to suggest you dishes if you are new to french cuisine and help you order something palatable to your taste buds.


If I have to recommend one thing from their menu, it has to be chicken pie. I can pretty confidently say that it is one of the best chicken pies I have had in my life. Super moist and flaky pastry with gooey chicken filling, is how I will describe this one master piece of a dish. Also, their shakes and fish fingers are some of the best dishes from the menu. And as we visited the place during lunch hours, so we sure did try their main course as well. We ordered a spinach and cheese stuffed grilled chicken with herb rice on the side, along with their classic cold minty chicken baguette.


I loved the wholesome flavours of the chicken and the richness of the french bread. After all this, we still ended up ordering their iconic carrot cake and blueberry cheesecake. After all isn’t a trip to a bakery incomplete without devouring deserts? If you have a palate for strong winter spices, then you must try the carrot cake slice for sure. And if you are an ardent cheesecake fan, you can give their blueberry cheesecake a try.


I honestly have fallen in love with this one darling place in the humdrum of the bustling cyber hub. Cyber hub is such a busy place and cafe delifrance comes across as a breath of fresh air in the vicinity. Have you visited this beautiful cafe yet? If yes, what did you like the most about it?

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