Going Back In Time With The Addams House.


Every 90’s kid vividly remembers the iconic Addams House show which used to air on cartoon network and used to give me goosebumps even though it was a comedy show and not a horror cartoon, but yes, Me being the coward I am, the show somehow got my adrenaline pumping. Haha, so enough of me!

Keeping in mind the iconic Addams House cartoon, the team behind the lounge came up with a very innovative idea and that innovation resulted in the #notnormalbrewery cum #pub named the Addams House Lounge.

Talking of the ambience, it is one of its kind! Like totally! Chic interiors with a touch of gothic glam to it, is how we choose to describe the authenticity of the place. As I said the place is inspired by the 90’s show and as a result it has life sized statues of the addams’ family which makes a scenic photo booth indeed.


Now to the most exotic aspect of the whole dining experience–the food! And was it good, you ask! Oh yeah, i scream!

Though the service and the management was a bit on the slower side but other than that the place is a bomb both in respect to location, ambience as well as the culinary experience. They have a full fledged bar and they even ferment their own beer! How cool is that! All of their mocktails gets a thumbs up from our team, though you might need to ask the bar tender to strengthen your cocktail a bit as it may be a bit too light for some tastes.

Coming to their shakes, I tried two of them, namely the red velvet shake and the cheesecake shake. And honestly, both were pretty average for my palate, nothing too extraordinary if you ask me.


So now to the starters. The first thing which really stood out to me from the whole of the menu was their chicken tid bits filled gol gappas and then and there I asked the server to get a portion of it for me. The golgappas were served in a very unconventional molecular way with nitrogenous smoke wrapping the whole dish. They served four golgappas in a basket along with a tarmarind and orange based soufflé mousse instead of the regular tangy water. Though the soufflé could not pack in the flavourful punch that the “khatta pani” adds to the paani puri, but nonetheless, the dish was really refreshing to have. And yes, the chicken gol gappas tasted way better than the normal chickpeas ones.

Just to nibble on tid bits while waiting for our food, we were served two variations of pop corn—the cheesy and the chocolatey ones, but none of them had the much needed crunch. The flavours were good but were not taken forward nicely. Also, we tried the three type of chakhnas which were basically sprouted beans mixed with onions, chopped chillies and tomato bits. These were perhaps the tangiest dish I had from the entire menu and a perfect accompaniment for your booze sessions.


And if you love non veg just as much as I do, you have to, like you just have to order their slider platter which is served as a combination of three mini burgers each with a patty of lamb, chicken and fish. And honestly, the three of them are incomparable and beat each other at taste and flavours alike. Like, the fish slider is better than the chicken slider which is better than the lamb slider which in return is again better than the fish slider. You just can’t have one and stop at it. Or to further make things easy, I suggest you gulp down all three of them and be done with it. And to top it all up order a plate of minced meat filled crunchy jalapeno poppers. Yum yum!

In the main course we tried the whole chicken with skin and trust me, we had no space to try out anything more after that. The whole chicken with skin concept though very monotonous is the star product of the whole menu. I mean i haven’t had a better chicken dish in my entire life. It was marinated well and was cooked to just the right temperature–the flesh came off the bones easily but it did not break apart and even the insides of the broiler chicken were not at all chewy or hard. The skin, many people say is fatty and has all the bad cholestrol and stuff, but the taste which it rendered the chicken with makes it all worthwhile!


Also we had the much coveted grilled fish and it was super yum as well. The fish was delicately cooked to perfection, had just the right amount of flavours packed in it and also it was served not with the regular portion of grilled veggies and mashed potatoes, but with a huge serving of arincini style lentils and rice filling. The Addams House grilled fish is a really filling dish to have from the menu.

And a special shout out to their well prepared iced teas which are a constant companion when it comes to me and my food tasting! 🙂




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