Janpath Opens Its Own Grill With The Janpath Grill House!

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The concept of live grills has long sank in the mind sets of Indian Restaurateurs but it is always nice to see them coming up with a fresh take on the now-conventional and rather monotonous grill concepts. And Janpath Grill House completely fits the whole drill of live grilled kebabs but also breathes a fresh spook of air in the whole dining experience by their exemplary show of creativity in the food they serve. And this place is not just about nicely presented food but also about uber chic seating and prime location in Janpath which is also really accessible. The first thing that strikes the site is the full size miniature of a typical Delhi autorickshaw wherein stands an employee who guides you to your tables. Upon entering, the wall on the left is what captures the whole of Delhi and its typical Dilli-Wala aura. So the restaurant is a two storey affair with live barbecues statured on all the tables where you can have your live starters and the main course is served in a buffet spread along with the dessert section on the ground floor itself.
While the ground floor has more sophisticated, fine-dining like seating, the first floor’s decor is way more fun. The seats are in the shape of rickshaws and I would not miss a chance to dine on a rickshaw, ever!
The best part about the place is their vast menu–from about 15-17 options in starters, both veg and non veg, and a vast main course spread and oodles of main course to choose from, the food here is worth every buck you’ll spend here!

So the buffet lunch started with Gol-Gappa shots which came in a tray accompanied with an ice cold bucket of the accompaniment Jaljeera water test tubes. The whole concept of serving gol gappas with test tubes filled with icy cold jaljeera water is really innovative and went with their delhi themed restaurant pretty well.
Then started the flooding of live kebabs and grilled food which were almost 90% cooked and just needed a bit of heating on our table’s barbecue to be ready to eat. From their vegetarian starters menu, if there is one dish you must try, it is their wasabi mushrooms and the authentic paneer tikka. While the tender peices of paneer tikka are sure to tingle your Indian palate, the wasabi mushrooms would come across as a refreshing change from anything you have ever had. Alternatively you would like to skip their Mushroom Galauti kebabs. However much I might be in love with my mushrooms, I would not recommend the galuati’s here as they have a very weird taste and also are a no where near to as soft as a galauti should be.


In their non-vegetarian starters, almost everything is highly recommended. From their chicken tikka, fish tikka, mutton seekh, tandoori prawns, chicken kebabs and masala prawns are delectable and are sure to leave you craving for more. The only drawback in their non vegetarian menu is the size of their prawns which is small enough to pass for a wild shrimp. Also, their mutton burra, which is basically a mutton shank marinated and grilled to perfection, was under cooked and definitely very hard to eat.
Then comes the main course which is nowhere near the conventional buffet menu with butter chicken and dal makhani which we generally see at such live grill concept restaurants. Rather their menu consists of home-style puri-cholle, mutter-mushroom, roghan josh, kadhai chicken and the likes. The USP of the place lies in their idea of sticking to their homely delhi roots, which I find refreshingly different from what we see in high-end restaurants today.

Lastly, coming to the most exciting part—the deserts! Though the chef has been planning to launch a wide array of fusion food in the menu, what was available in the spread that day was again, the typical delhi ki cashew kulfi, rabdi, firni, kheer, gulab jamun and shahi tukda. Indulging in nothing too fancy, the place left an imprint on us while sticking to their roots.
All in all, this place is a must visit if you are someone who likes to, and has an appetite to hog onto a full fledged buffet spread and do not care to leave your table any time soon.


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  1. Charanjit Singh
    Charanjit Singh says:

    Congratulations on your new venture! I visited the place upon your recommendation, and the place is just how you explained! Great work! 🙂


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