Molecule Air Bar–The Best Molecular Gastronomy In NCR


Each and every plate of great tasting food comes from a series of thriving experiments of a creative chef who has assorted and coordinated a certain few ingredients in order to come up with a masterpiece that would be imprinted on the minds of the diner forever.Keeping that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a shocker when chefs around the country constantly conduct experiments with their food and plating. But at Molecule Air Bar, the over-simplified term ‘experiment’ has been given an altogether new dimension.

Located in the budding Sector 29 food hub of Gurgaon, Haryana state; Molecule’s setup takes you back to the German ‘evil’ chemistry lab concept! From the food to the decor to the ambiance and the service, it is all so chemistry lab inspired. The food being served in bits and pieces representative of a chemistry lab, menu cards in the form of memorabilia from the Second World War, ceiling lights made to look like the structure of a molecule, and the use of liquid nitrogen – all this put together takes fusion food to a level few have seen before.


On our recent visit to Molecule Air Bar, we tried so many scrumptious dishes that penning them all down will be really hard. But then again, I really need the feel to share my top picks and recommendations from their spectacularly frivolous menu. So without much ado, let’s dig into their delectable molecular menu.




MOLECULAR PUCHKA SHOT- Golgappas with 5 flavored water in test tubes, chutneys in syringe and potatoes and chick pea in a miniature cooker!! PINEAPPLE, ORANGE, BEETROOT, COLA and MINT flavored water with tamarind and mint chutneys!

AIR BREAD- cheesy pockets served with 4 cheese sauce and green chilly caviar. It comes with a choice of achari paneer tikka and chicken tikka. Both of these are scrumptious.

molecule 3

EDIBLE BHEL- modern style bhel presented in edible plastic sheets. Yes, edible plastic!! Do give it a try.

GALOUTI CORNETTO- Mutton and mushroom galaouti served in warqi parantha cornettos. Loved the presentation and taste.

CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA TART- chicken tikka served in spinach tarts topped with a mango slice. These were finger licking food.

EDIBLE COAL served with lava ash. It has tender dahi ke kebabs inside but from outside it looks exactly like coal.

CHICKEN TIKKA KULCHA- stuffed mini kulchas served with delicious chicken gravy. Very tempting!

CHAWPATI IN DELHI- French twist to the Mumbai(chawpati) ki pao bhaji. Ratatouille converted into bhaji served served with mini focaccia buns! Again an excellent innovation!

INDIAN STYLE HOTDOG- mini hotdog buns topped with succulent mutton seekh served in Indian style.

molecule-air-bar (1)

GHEE ROAST SOYA KEEMA- soya keema was served with mini malabari parantha. It was quite flavorsome.

MINI RAAN COOKED IN LALMAAS GRAVY- mutton dish which was delectable. It was served with pickled onions, roast garlic, and bajra jali. Beautiful presentation!

One thing which I can say about Molecule and its food is that it’s not just delectably presented but gives you gastronomy goals with each bite. From their in house brewery to Piyush Jain’s (the head chef) impeccable cooking skills, the place promises to serve the best of the best and with utmost creativity. To wrap up this post I’ll say that the quantity here is unlike other expensive bars who serve nibbles and charge a lot. This place actually serves hearty portions for the prices they charge. The ambiance, service and the food–all combine to make your experience a gastronomical delight.

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