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Relishing The All New Breakfast Menu At Smokeys BBQ and Grill, Khan Market


Hola my princes and princesses!

Gone are the days when restaurants and cafes were meant for the sole purpose of fancy lunches and dinners. And now with the festive season bringing along with it loads of holidays; restaurants and cafes are all prepared for launching their exquisite breakfast menus. All of us have a certain few favourite restaurants which we tend to visit and revisit time and again. One such favourite place for me and my team is Smokeys BBQ and Grill, a very american inspired eatery in the suburbs of Khan Market, Delhi. And when your favourite place launches a new menu, paying them a visit and updating all you people about it becomes more of an unquestioned task.


So without further ado, lets jump head first into the review straight away. Located in the plush lanes of the main Khan Market complex on the first and second floor, this place is an American delight. With an amazingly posh crowd at almost all times, relish worthy food and a swanky bar, this place surely attracts the majority  of tourists and locals alike. The place has a very chic and ambivalent charm to it which adds on to that American fantasy–right from the ambience, furniture to the plating of the food–there is nothing you can really pin point and call a draw back.


So coming to the food, we wanted to test the authenticity of the much raved breakfast menu and ended up ordering an all carnivores breakfast which is meant to be served with eggs  cooked to choice and an array of sausages. Though an all carnivore breakfast to me screams eggs, sausages, smoked ham and a generous serving of crispy fried bacon strips; Smokeys serves just the sausages with eggs and a side of bread rolls. I loved the smoked up flavour in the diced up sausages and the breads given along complemented the palate of the eggs and the sausages well. Nothing too extraordinary about the breakfast but bang on flavours in terms of the smokey aroma rendering through the dish.


Further, the breakfast menu has some really cool over loaded breakfast shakes and smoothies, and being the chocoholic that I am, I went for the Fudge and Brownie shake without a second thought. And the shake was a s good as any chocolate addict can ask for. Perfectly creamy and smooth with an added boost of that fudgy brownie gooey goodness. Loaded with all sorts of choco bits and chips, this one is a must have if you crave a sweet tooth resurrecton early in the morning, or afternoon, or night, or anytime of the day perhaps. Chocolate makes everything better, right? Right.


So with that we wrapped our breakfast menu delight and came down to business, in the process ordering a plate each of Fry Calamari and Grilled Fish Red Harissa. And honestly, I would not lie if i say that this grilled fish in red harissa sauce was till date the best fish dish i have ever stuffed my mouth with. I know I tend to exaggerate, but this is no exaggeration I swear. Fine, you don’t trust me? I dare you to go, try this out and then ofcourse, you’ll be thanking me later for making you try out this delicacy. Haha, clever ha!


So coming to the fry calamari, nothing too great, in fact a bit bland. make it better with a dash of lemon and dip it into the accompanying sauces. This huge dish of fried calamaris can prove to be the perfect snack for a long cricket match when clubbed with beers.


Also, we thought of giving their oh-so-famous steaks a shot. I love sea food and we ordered the Reshampatti Spiced prawns. Spiced up medium sized prawns, with a tangy yet fiery lemon butter sauce dip and the most aromatic rice with flavourful dollops of shredded prawn meat to dig into–this is what the dish is exactly. Loved every bite of the dish and it was done and dusted within minutes. We also tried their Smoked Nutmeg Braised Lamb Shanks, fine, call us a glutton, but we were tasting just to get you the prim and proper review. Haha! So the lamb shanks were the most american dish I have had in my life. Bursting with flavours while letting the aroma of the mutton waver through the mild stew topped with dollops of scooped squash, carrots, and piped mashed potatoes; while lacking any sort of desi spices–just the nutmeg and perhaps some salt and pepper. A bit bland for the typical desi palate, but if you know your flavours well and do not mind experimenting with your food, this dish is for you. With the flesh falling apart from the bone at the slightest pressure this shank is a piece of beauty which has been cooked to sheer perfection.


So on that note we ended our multiple course meal while I was sipping on my watermelon capriojka the whole time. That is one watermelon based drink which I tend to like at every possible place it is served at. Yes, I am a very typical capriojka person at heart. So any which ways, The Curvy Princess highly recommends all you lovelies visiting this place atleast once, even if it just for the over loaded shakes and that mouth watering grilled fish rd harissa.


And if you go, do not forget to comment here and tell me how your experience was. Alternately, you could also tag me in your pictures on instagram. My handle is @the_curvy_princess I would love to see you guys. And if you want to stay updated with all the places I visit and a lot more silliness on a daily basis to add e on snapchat, my handle is @ishi2708


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