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Snacking Lite With Rite Bite


Hola curvies!

How is everyone doing? As some of you know, I am one of the happiest souls on the planet at the moment given that my semester exams just got over and I am left with oodles of time to give to The Curvy Princess. Also what makes me especially happy is the kind of response my past few posts have given me. Some of you sent me pictures of your wedding guest look attires and also queries about the much hyped green coffee. So one thing is for sure, we all love to hog, dress up and look good all at the same time. And honestly, there are so many healthy options out there these days that it is not really that difficult to hog and still look and feel good.



Talking of health and snacking, if there is one prominent brand which predominates my mind, it has to be Rite Bite . For starters, when I started off with my blogging expedition I had three things in my mind- Makeup, Food and Fashion; and let me tell you guys one thing very clearly, beauty, fashion and hogging do not go very well together. The saying “You are what you eat” has been in existence for a reason and I totally stand by it. Most of us tend to eat in between meals, not because we are hungry but primarily because we just want to, for no good reason whatsoever. And this is perhaps the worst eating habit of all! Not because we over eat this way, but the kind of lifestyle (especially in India) we are accustomed to, leaves us no better options than fried and spicy namkeens and bhujias.


So what can one do when the stomach wants what it wants and the mind intervenes? Oh, stop stressing! Rite Bite has got it all sorted for you. With not just savoury but also plenty of sweet options to snack on, Rite Bite has all its product range sorted with zero bad stuff and oodles of protein, fibre and all the good things jazzed up together. Rite Bite has had a name for health related food stuff including their work out bars and herbal bars. But recently they came up with their latest Max Protein range and we at The Curvy Princess got an opportunity to try out the range for ourselves. And here are our honest opinions on the same.

Rite Bite Max Protein 7 Grain Protein Snacks

Give those fried and baked chips a break for once my curvies. The new generation of hot air puffed snacks is here and Rite Bite Max Protein is revolutionising the whole healthy eating scenario. The 7 grain protein snacks come in three flavours which are sure to tantalise the Indian palate, that I am pretty sure of. Spanish Tomato, Cheese and Jalapeno and Minty Chaat are the three flavours which are available online as well as offline, but the cheese and jalapeno flavour is by far the best as per my taste and preference. While Spanish tomato has the typical tangy tomato taste that our conventional chips have but I like to have it mixed with my sprout chaat and it makes an excellent accompaniment.


As for the Cheese and Jalapeno version, they are my favourite not because my never ending love for cheese but also because the flavour does not just claim to be cheese and jalapeno infused; rather you can actually taste the creamy cheese and the punch of jalapeno in every bite. My second favourite of the lot is the Minty Chaat variant which has a really fresh and “pudina chutney” kind of a flavour to it which suits my conventional Indian palate the most. For INR 40 a pack, health couldn’t have been less budget friendly you guys.

Rite Bite Max Protein Bars

So after the huge success of their work out bars, Rite Bite now has stepped up their game and launched some pretty exotic protein bars with flavours such as Choco fudge, choco slim, honey and lemon. They also have two new flavours in their max protein professional protein bar range, namely Choco berry and choco almond, and though I havent tried them as of yet, they do look promising, especially now that I have tried and loved their protein bars, i know the professional range is bound to be fantastic.


The choco fudge flavour is my favourite out of the three variants as it is loaded with chocolate, nuts and sinful fudge minus all that guilt. The choco slim is your typical chocolate flavoured protein bar but it is a good option for all those who love sinful chocolate flavoured deserts which do not have nuts or calories, of course. Coming to the honey and lemon bars, these are really fresh and have a burst of flavour in every bite. Not my favourite but definitely worth a try. Also, these retail for 110/- a piece, not bad ha?


So with Rite Bite Max Protein range, I have altered my idea of snacking healthy. And with so many sweet and savoury options top choose from, I am pretty sure all you health freak foodies are bound to found in love with these exotic babies out there.

Let me know if you have tried the range and what do you think about it. Till the next time, keep eating, keep loving and keep sharing my curvies!



Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post, though the products were sent to me by the brand for my honest opinions on the same. The blog post is by no means altered to the brands wishes.

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