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The Chinjabi Food Spree At Circus, South Extension II.


Circus, one word which brings back all the childhood memories flooding! Circus, one word which creates an aura of cheerfulness and colour all across our minds! Yes, circus is one word, one place, one thing which makes everyone happy, no matter what. And now that the good old circus watching days are long gone, it is so convenient to find solace in circus themes restaurants and lounges. One such impeccably done circus themed restaurant is this gorgeous little place situated in South Extension II, Delhi. Not only is this place named after the legendary circus, but also tastefully done keeping in mind the true spirit of the lively circus!


Spread across two sprawling storeys, Circus has a very warm and rather inviting kind of an aura to it. Not only does the place have a lounge like seating, a vast bar, rooftop restaurant and usurping hookah menu, but also has a special Circus 360, seating atop which you can view the entire south ex market at a glance. Not that the view from the Circus 360 is the most appeasing to the eyes, but anyhow, it is exciting to just sit there.


So now, coming to the food! This place by no means lags behind in sticking to the circus theme while curating the food and drinks menu. Not just the outlay and the design of the menu but the food and drinks listing on the menu reflect the soul of circus. From popcorn, jhaalmuris, anda parantha, butter buns, masala soda and banta, mini samosa and dilli ki chaat—the menu has it all, and trust me when I say each and everything tastes ah-mazing.


We had a taste of a lot of dishes from the menu, starting with the mini keema samosas which were nothing out of the world but pretty aunthentic and not at oil oily. Though the place excels in authentic Indian delicacies, me being a pizza lover, I was bound to give in to my temptation to try out the pizzas. The one which we ordered was a All Meat Carnivore’s pizza which had all sorts of meats, from bacon, pork, and chicken and had laden on top of it. Needless to say, it was everything which I could have ever dreamt of.


Circus has a huge, like a really huge bar which whips up some of the most amazing cocktails and mocktails alike. If you are an ardent fan of jack daniels based drinks, you cannot miss their iconic Joker No. 7. Period. But if you are more of a vodka person, head in straight for a Circus Watermelon Caprioska. This drink is so summery, so fresh, and the vodka does not feel overpowering at all. Even the mocktail version of the watermelon caprioska is perfectly made. Lastly, I also tried their bounty shakes and something as basic as a salted caramel shake could not be nailed by the team. So I’ll suggest stick to their mocktails and cocktails for now.


They also have a special Chinese dhaba section in their menu which serves authentic chinjabi food. Their dry chilly chicken, crispy lamb and panko prawns are something which I could eat and live on for the rest of my life, I swear. And not only their chinjabi food, but the conventional Indian grilled food is outstanding. From their mutton taka tak to the chicken gilafi kebab which is served in the typical bamboo basket in which steamed momos are generally served, their kebab delicacies are marinated well and cooked to perfection.


Circus, as the name suggests is a lively a place as it sounds like! Located in one of the most prime locations in delhi, circus is one of the most recommended places that The Curvy Princess has ever been to. Have you been to the Circus? And if yes, how was your experience there?

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