The Dilli-Wala’s Guide to Delhi Street Food


Delhi is indisputably the political as well as the gastronomical capital of India. Food is not just food for dilliwala’s, but a passion, the flame of which is ignited all the more when we hear the sound of mouth-watering street food. From zesty green chutney laden kathi rolls, to the sweet lassi accompanied by a scrumptious plate of cholle-puri; from spicy golgappas and bhelpuris which have the ability to burn the very insides of your mouth to the heart rendering, sweet-as-heaven, piping hot jalebis; street food is the very soul of us dilliwala’s. And trust me we have a hell loads of variety when it comes to street foods alone, leave out the cuisines we all love for now.

Here is my compilation of the most loved street foods and places where you can get the best of them at very pocket friendly prices.

  1. Cholle Bhature and Cholle-Puri

Let us be real, we have grown up spending our late Sunday brunches, eating a spicy and hot plate of fulfilling cholle bhature and puris, lazing at home. But now that we have grown up, we are more conscious about what we put inside us. But even the most conscious of dieters can drool when it comes to the lavish plate adorned with a bowl of rich looking brown colored cholle, and two big bhaturas which is an Indian bread made by deep frying dough made of maida. When accompanied with a small bowl of pickled carrots, onions and tangy mint chutney, oh the match seems to be made in heaven.

cholle bhature

For the best of the best cholle puri experience, give a try to BILLE DI HATTI, located in the heart of Kamla Nagar market, in north Delhi. Do not forget to order the huge glass of MEETHI (sweet) LASSI, which is served MALLAI MAAR KE, a typically Punjabi style. The best bhatura’s you will ever have in delhi are the ones from SITARAM (Paharganj) followed very closely by CHACHE DI HATTI (Kamla Nagar).

  1. Chaat, Golgappe and Allu tikki


Ok, so the winters naturally make us crave hot ALLU TIKKIS. We cannot help but give in to our cravings. The sight of the TIKKI wala frying mounds of boiled potatoes filled with stuffing of all kinds is worth lusting for. Gone winters, come summers. With summers comes the desire to indulge in round, refreshing golgappas and the more than tasty plate of chaat and bhalla paapri. Which DILLI WAALA does not love that? Not any that I personally know of.


So your mouth has already started watering, go head out and locate the nearest BTW (Bittu Tikki Waala) for the best in town golgappa treat, sizzling tikkis flooded with the spicy green and sweet red tarmarind chutney. For the best bhalla paapri, try BHARAT NAGAR BHALLE WALA located in north Delhi.

  1. MOMOS

Yes, technically not Delhi’s traditional street food, but none of us can escape the fact that the mere name of momos makes us go weak in the knees. However full we might be, the small bundles of streamed dough filled with fillings of your choice, can make space for themselves in our tummies without much ado. Pair it with the ultra-spicy, fiery-hot chutneys which is nothing but a paste of garlic, peppers, and more peppers; and you have something to die for, literally. No kidding.

dilli hat momos

From tandoori to steam to fried momos, the range of stuffing’s is beyond imagination. From chicken, mutton, pork, vegetables, mushrooms, to cottage cheese and paneer, the options are endless. Having hot momos with a huge glass of fruit beer in the skim stall of DILLI HAAT (Pitampura) is a feast for the soul. Momo’s point in Kamla nagar is one such place where you can taste the most authentic Tibetan momos. QD’s in Satya Niketan is a safe bet too, when it comes to momos, especially tandoori momos accompanied with mint chutney. It is beyond words. Go try it. Now.

  1. Shawarmas and Kathi Rolls

This post would be wholly unjustified had I not tended to the palettes of the pure non-vegetarians out there. And no, a list of best street foods in DILLI is so not complete without the mention of spicy kathi rolls and delectable shawarmas. The tender pieces of finely cooked chicken, wrapped in thin roomali rotis, packed with mint chutney and sliced onion rings, are oh-so-heavenly. While the shawarmas stay unbeaten to any street food till date.

al bake

The options are endless when it comes to kathi rolls, but our personal favorite is the small shop named WRAPS, situated just under the Karol Bagh metro station. The rolls offered here are the most inexpensive kinds, yet are high on taste and flavor. And the customized mayonnaise addition that they are willing to do for you, oh my god, do not even get me started on it. Go have one for yourself. Coming to shawarmas, you have two options. Either go place to place searching for the best shawarma rolls for your taste buds, or head straight to AL-Bake in Def colony and have the best shawarma of your entire life. I swear, even the most authentic shawarmas of Dubai stand no chance in front of what you will have there.

Have you ever been in our DILLI? And if yes, have you ever tried any or all of these delectable cuisines which water my mouth even as I write? If yes then do let us know. Let us explore our DILLI more. 😀

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