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The Indian Fusion Food Chronicles At Warehouse Cafe Gurgugram

Vodca Infused Mahi Tikka

India as a nation has always welcomed new cultures, traditions and cuisines and embraced it with open arms. And as the people of the nation we have been always open to let the fusion of west and east spruce up and let it flavours flow. So on the 8th of January, one of my favourite cafes in town launched its Indian Fusion Food Festival which is to go on till the 31st of December. And it goes without saying that I was one of their first few customers to try out the fusion food being served at the festival and get back to you guys with a complete review of the same. Keep on reading to know if the festival is way worth your money.

Gin & Tonic Rubbed Chicken

Unlike food festivals which sprawl over a super vast menu, Warehouse has decided to keep it a little compact with just the rightfully needed items listed on the menu. Entering into the Warefouse cafe, Gurugram, they welcome you to the Indian Fusion Food Festival. As the name suggests, IFFF offers a variety of exotic fusion delicacies over some good hearty music. At IFFF the cafe’s primary focus is on the amalgamation of modern and traditional flavors . Many a times, especially for Indians eating in westernised cafes, it becomes a tough job deciding whether to order Indian or International so it is so much better to go the fusion way, and have dishes that are a perfect combo of both desi and videshi. Hence culminating both the taste buds into one without having to go through the dilemma of ordering.

Dark Night

A special new extensive menu  has been designed by chef Bhuban Nayal that includes rarely-seen classics such as Mushroom cappuccino creamy Parmesan Faom, Arabian Dahi Kebab, Chicken Tikka Tacos, Mac N Keema, gulab jamun cheesecake and the likes. It is such a treat to savour  all the scrumptious fusion food and indulge in mouth watering desserts all under the same roof. Also, not to forget their freshly brewed beers. And the best part of it all being that you get to taste the samplers before you can decide and opt for any one of them to go for.

Chipotle Paneer Tikka.....


And if you ask me for my solid recommendations, I would say opt for the Warehouse tandoori lamb chops and the Samak k masoni which is the most palatable fish delicacy we have had in a long time. The dal makhani cheesy croquettes are a good option too if you are a vegetarian lover. Also, in the main course you need to dig into a plate of their steamy hot plate of Mac and Keema which is the perfect amalgamation of mac and cheese and punjabi keema. And if by chance you are anything like me who cannot live without their desserts, you need to try their cheesecakes, be it the classic blueberry or the indianised gulabjamun variant.

The weather is gorgeous and food is delicious , so IFFF2017, Bring it on!

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