Welcome The New Baby In Town, Cafe #nofilter!

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So cafe #nofilter (with a hashtag) is a cosy little place in the heart of South Delhi near the IIT Delhi Campus, so it is obvious that it is flooded with students and all of the chicsters of South Delhi alike

The Iconic wall at #nofilter

The place is a double story set up with a closed seating area and an open terrace. Though the lower enclosed space is very cool and uber chic to sit and be in, the terrace seating is unmatched. I mean it is all over a different place to be in–so quiet and so soothing. The seating is really very comfortable and even in hot weather, the terrace wouldn’t get uncomfortable to be in as the moving fans also have tiny water sprinklers which gush out just the right amount of moisture laden air to keep you cool and yet not wet you.

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Anyhow, my take on an ideal afternoon is a date with myself on a roof-top cafe with open hair, a good book and a glass of well-made sangaria. And this place sets just perfect in my dream setting! also, talking of sangarias and drinks, their bar is class apart–nothing too formal and neither is it too quirky–just the right balanc of fun and class. Plus, the drinks they whip are ah-mazing! If you are anyday at the place, you just have to try their shots–be it vodka based, tequila based or beer based, yes, beer based; just dive into it. And oh,their beers! I visited the place on St. patrick’s day and they served green beer, yep, green it was! Don’t know what the secret ingredient was, but it looked radiant, shone like an emerald and tasted exactly like beer.

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Come food, and you have all the fancy names on the menu–from Mumbai style Okra, which was basically deep fried lady fingers also known as “kurkuri bhindi” in delhi to the No Filter Chicken Tenders which were none other than your regular deep fried Chicken orly fillets, and Wasabi Sushi Sandwiches which indeed was fancy food though not to appeasing to my desi palate. Maybe it was my first attempt at Sushi, or the wasabi sandwiches were a bit overpowering for my senses but they were a pass for me.

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I like real food, like food which I can devour with my hands and feel the taste lingering in my soul way after I have ended my meal. And #noflter does that just right! Their BCC Burgers, which is an abbreviation for Bacon Cheese and Chicken Burgers are the best burgers I have had in a long time. With just the perfect medium-rare chicken fillet, succulent and tender bacon, they nailed the burger spot on. But I would have liked if they used real cheese instead of the cheese slices which tasted exactly like Amul Cheese slices I use for my sandwiches at home. also, their butter chicken pasta is lip smacking good–perfectly good and the flavours are bang on.

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Lastly, their desserts! Though from what I know they do not make their own desserts but the dishes touch the hearts and souls alike. And the best part is that they are very reasonably priced. I mean I can visit and revisit the place for the burger and the deserts alone. Be it their red velvet cheesecake or their brownie and banoffee cake jars–each one has a fancy charm to it and is just very fulfilling.

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In a conversation with Mr Prashar, the general manager of the cafe, I found out the concept behind the name #nofilter, and thought it was worth sharing. A hashtag has four lines to it, and that is how he sees food, with 4 of his very important senses. the first line is for the sight–he sees the food and if he likes it then he proceeds to smell it (which is the second sense and represents the second line of the hashtag). And if he likes both the sight and the smell of the food he goes ahead to touch his food, which is kind of important–it makes you connect to what you are having! And the last line is taste, which climaxes the whole 4 stranded experience!

So that was my review of the cafe #nofilter, a place built on actual love and passion for food and culinary skills! <3

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