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The Best Pressed and Loose Drugstore Powders For Baking Makeup Ft VOV cosmetics


Baking! The one makeup technique that has taken the highlighting game to a whole new level. If the conventional highlighting and contouring is a bit too much for your simplistic nature, then baking my friend, is the thing for you. And honestly, there is no dearth of loose powders out there in the market, but the ones that we see on Instagram and Youtube makeup tutorials are either too expensive or are not readily available in the Indian markets. This irks me out endlessly, and therefore I planned this post where in I decided to showcase the best, and to forget the cheapest compacts and loose powders to try out your hand at baking your makeup.


What Is Baking And How Do You Do It?

Baking has been since long used by makeup artists and enthusiasts alike to set your makeup in place and let it stay put for an extended time period. Also, baking under your eyes gives your under eye are an especially highlighted effect, more so if you have topped off a brightening creamy concealer with a yellow toned powder while baking.

Once you have applied and buffed out all your cream products, layer on powder under your eyes, beneath your cheek contours, on the centre of your forehead, the bridge and tip of your nose, above your upper lip and under your chin. Do not worry if the powder looks too much on the skin, we will dust it off after letting it stay on the skin for a good 5-10 minutes. What this does is that it sets all the cream makeup really well. When the powder is sitting atop your face, the warmth from your face (body heat) lets the makeup get set and then we eventually dust off all the excess product with a fluffy brush.

Baking Using VOV Translucent Loose Powder


Using loose translucent powders to set the makeup and also bake the face is a very conventional thing to do. However, it is not fuss free and you need to be cautious while using this as it has a habit of swaying all across. So coming to the VOV translucent loose powder, this one comes in a really compact transparent box with a black lid and also has a sponge applicator (which I lost, hence it is missing in the pictures). Not the most convenient to use, the powder goes astray the moment you get the lid off. But for a cheap drugstore powder I really do not mind the packaging much. Also the fact that it comes with an applicator makes the whole baking stuff so much more easy as I prefer placing my powder under the eyes with a sponge instead of a brush. it gives much more intensity than any dense brush can ever give.

Not the most finely milled texture, however the VOV translucent powder is a steal for the price it is offered at. The powder goes on pretty smooth without looking or feeling excessively powdery or chalky. As for baking, I like to apply with a sponge applicator and let it sit on my cream base under eye concealer and the rest of the areas for 5 minutes straight and then I brush it off using my big powder brush. It does make the makeup look flawless and also make the areas look super smooth and highlighted. Its a total win product.


Baking Using Insight Mineralized Pressed Powder

Insight is one of the sister brands of the cheap drugstore brand VOV, and retails at similar throw away prices. And boy oh boy, is this little bad boy a hidden gem from the Indian drugstore makeup market. I am pretty sure it retails for less than 150 bucks and it is the smoothest powder I have ever used from the drugstore range. The Insight range of mineral pressed powders come in an array of skin tones and most of them will work effectively for Indian skin tones as the texture is very blendable. This pressed powder has been my favourite for over a month now and I have been constantly using it since the day I got it. Though it has a mild tropical fragrance and is not the most classiest looking packaging; the kind of finish it gives to my makeup makes me forget everything.  On a daily basis I have been using the powder with a dense stippling brush and it gives a decent enough coverage for my go to looks.


As for baking using this pressed mineral powder, I like to use it with a damp beauty blender sponge on the areas which need baking. The powder does not go chalky on the skin, infact the damp sponge picks up just enough product and also spreads pretty evenly. I prefer leaving this for less than 5 minutes and also I apply less product when using the pressed powder.  It does start getting patchy if left for more than 5 minutes. To dust it off I use a fluffy brush and to clean up everything I go over my entire makeup with the same blender sponge that I used for my cream products to make everything look flawless and put together.


My Preference

I honestly prefer loose powders for the more specific makeup looks as they look way more natural and are lighter on the skin without adding any more colour pigments to my makeup. But for someone who likes multi purpose products and does not have time to indulge in loose powders, baking with pressed powders is such a great option. It is not just convenient to use but if you are using the Insight mineralized pressed powder, the finish you get is really smooth and flawless.


I never knew drugstore powders could be so great especially when the were retailed under the 200 tag. The Curvy Princess whole heartewdly recommends the VOV and Insight loose and pressed powders for your daily wear makeup requirements.



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