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A New Year, A Fresh Beginning Ft. CALAE

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2017 has started off as a crazy year, with all the love pouring in from so many people and brands. My size, which once I thought was something which would be pulling me down from what I wanted to achieve, gradually, and with a lot of courage has now started to be my strength. For all those following me, know how I started off as a meek person who remained only in her comfort zone. But come 2017, and I promise you guys to get outfits which I might not have been comfortable wearing perhaps an year ago, leave alone letting someone photographing me in those. And this outfit post here, is one of those many more to come.


Indian Plus Size Fashion has seen a lot of change in 2016, and all the changes have been for good. Earlier, India as a fashion society did not have much place for plus sizes, but with brands like Calae coming up in the markets, Plus size clothing is no more centred around baggy kurtas and ill fitting, loose shirts. Everyone has a right to look and feel sexy, no matter the size, and Calae understands this perfectly well. As a brand, their collection has everything from hot tunics, to sexy off the shoulder tops, pants, jackets, skirts and a lot more which any woman with a great taste for fashion will be left salivating for.


I have been a curvy woman all the 23 years of my life I have lived till now, and getting slim fitting clothes which actually flattered my curves instead of making the tyres of my tummy bulge out was almost impossible. Markets just did not have my size in their collection of “sexy” clothes, but I managed to score my first sexy off the shoulder top from CALAE, and I am pretty proud of how well I managed to adorn it despite the stretch marks on my arms. The top is made of a really soft fabric which feels great to wear and has a really snug fit which completely hugs my curves. For the price, it is a piece I believe every curvy woman should invest in.

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The Curvy Princess as a blog started off to endorse body positivity. Cellulite is something which always made me feel ashamed of my body, and accepting it had been my biggest hurdle in overcoming that shame. But as an endorser of body positivity, I knew I had to be first myself me comfortable in my own skin. I still remember showing some of my friends the pictures from this shoot and getting remarks like your legs look bad. I would not really blame them for being honest, but I also think that if I am not comfortable showing off my thick legs or stretch mark ridden arm, then how can I even claim to believe in Big Being Beautiful. So here I am, showing you all every inch of me, in all its fat glory.


Although its cliché to declare stuff like “new year, new me”, I always unearth a sense of rejuvenation and motivation each time a new year rolls about. There is just something about feeling like you’re starting spanking new, fresh and with a clean slate that really encourages me to grow to be a better person, both personally and professionally. After all, living is all a propos of growth, progress, advancement and we should persistently be becoming enhanced versions of ourselves nevertheless.


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