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All Oriflame The One Lip Sensation Matte Mousse Lipstick Swatches and First Impressions


Hello pretty ladies!

New launches are so much fun aren’t they? Specially when the launch is a new liquid lipstick, thank your makeup gods! Liquid lipsticks are the rage. Period. However gone one are the days of super drying and flaky liquid lipsticks, now is the time for the most comfortable mousse lip creams which are not at all drying without you having to compromise on that sultry, chic matte finish. And I personally believe in giving our native brands more love and support than foreign brands as firstly, they need to come up as mainstream brands and secondly, they are way more accessible to the general masses. So here I am with all the swatches of the newly launched Oriflame The One Lip Sensation Matte Mousse Lipsticks and also what I think about each one of them.



The packaging of these matte mousse lipsticks are pretty cute and compact. The One Lip Sensation Matte Mousse lipsticks come in sleek cylindrical see through tubes made of unbreakable material with silver lids. I noticed the unbreakable material because I am one clumsy person and I dropped two of them the moment I opened it and guess what, nothing happened to my babies. *happy dancing* The lipstick tubes look pretty sturdy with a secure cap so they are safe to be carried around for touch ups.


Price and Quantity

The lipsticks retail for 699 INR a piece and you get a modest 5 ml of lipstick in each of it. For the price, they could have given a little more product, but still not complaining.



Oriflame The One Lip Sensation Matte Mousse lipsticks have launched in 7 shades of pinks and reds in India and though the shade range is really limited (there is no good nude for heaven’s sake) all the shades are really pretty. None of the shades are really unique as per to say but nonetheless they are gorgeous.


Satin Rose- Satin Rose is one of my most favourite shades from the range. It is a very soft dusty rose with hints of muted pink in it making it a daily wear shade for a wide range of Indian skin tones. This might be a nude pink for the deeper skin tones though, on me however it looks more as a soft rose pink.


Pink Velour- Pink Velour is one of the brighter pink with strong coral pink under tones. It is a bright, but not in your face kind of a loud pink shade. It will suit warm Indian skin tones given its coral undertones.

Raspberry Cloud- Raspberry Cloud is the third and the brightest of the pinks in the range. It comes off as a really bright raspberry pink and has out and out cool undertones to it. Not for the faint hearted, it can really take up your no makeup day looks to another level with just a single swipe.


Coral Dream- Coral Dream is one of the prettiest, most flattering and the only orange shade in the range. It has very strong warm coral under tones which make the orange bright but pretty warm and wearable and will suit even the women of age. So all the women who have been asking me for a good orange, opt for this one lovelies!


Red Velvet- Red Velvet contrary to its name is not a true red, it is more of a red toned deep pink. I would prefer to call it a pretty mature hybrid of red and pink making it look gorgeous on women of colour. This has to be the best selling shade for women of all shades and ages.

Rouge Seude- Rouge suede now is a more true red, but again a deeper red which is neither a pure red nor a pure maroon. It is not bright, but is not too deep. I would call it a perfect choice for someone who is just starting to wear their reds.


Soft Mulberry- Soft Mulberry true to its name is a really pretty deep yet soft mulberry shade with very vivid mauve undertones. I see so many of the mature women loving this shade and this will be the most loved shade for deeper skin tones. My mom has already taken it away from me. *silent sobs*

Texture and Finish

As the name of The One Lip Sensation Matte Mousse Lipstick suggests, the lipsticks have a velvety mousse like texture which is very different than the conventional liquid lipstick texture. They are more like velvety lip creams and have a more creamy like formula than a mousse texture. One thing which I thing needs a special mention here is that the lip creams do not settle into a complete dry matte finish, it is more of a demi-matte finish and is the loveliest finish my lips have felt. It is not at all drying on the lips because of the semi matte finish and I can hardly feel anything on the lips.


Though the lipstick transfers really less on glasses, cups and straws; it does not stay for long. four hours with meals in between and my lipstick started to wear out very unevenly. It just faded off from the centre of the lips with the product staying on the outer lip lines making it look a little weird. However, the ease of retouching makes this problem really a small one as unlike other liquid lipsticks this one does not get crumbly or patchy if reapplied. The darker shades in the range are really so much better to wear and are very opaque. The pigmentation in the lighter shades like pink velour and satin rose are a little not too good and are a bit on the crumbly side.

I honestly loved the Oriflame The One Lip Sensation Matte Mousse Lipsticks range. Have you tried any of the shades from the range? Which ones do you like the most? Do let me know in the comments section below.

DISCLAIMER : The products have been sent to me for PR purposes. However, all the reviews posted here are of my own and are not influenced by the brand by any means



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