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All Oriflame The One Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lip Colour Swatches and First Impressions

Oriflame has been on a launching spree all year and rarely has it let any beauty enthusiast down. Recently they came up with their The One Lip Sensation Matte Mousse Lip creams, and now for the gloss lovers, they have introduced their brand new The One Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lip color range with 7 bright shades which are sure to soothe all your purple-pink sugar cravings. Call it the unicorn inspired range, but this range has some really sugary and fairy-dust-like shades in it. And as always, the loyal Oriflame fan that I am, here I present to you all the swatches of the entire collection and my first impressions on the range and the lip colors.



Oriflame The One Lip Sensation has kept its packaging absolutely the same for both it’s matte lip creams and it vinyl gel glosses so there is hardly anything new to talk about. However, if you do not know about their older lip creams, they come packaged in glass-looking plastic tubes with silver screw-top lids and a short, rather stocky applicator. The applicator though short is quite flexible and given its length, it gives way more precise application that a run-of-the-mill long lip gloss doe-foot applicators.



These The One Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel lip colors come in a standard 5 ml tube which retails for INR 699 each. To me, that’s a little bit pricey for a gloss but then again, affordability is truly subjective. You can buy them here.




The One Lip Sensation Viny Gel lip colours come in 7 bright, but not bold shades of pinks and purples with an exception on a peachy-coral shade which essentially comes out as a nude-ey peachy shade on fair-medium skin tones. To break down the shades, the selection is as follows:


1. Malibu Blush

Malibu Blush is one of those conventional bright neon pink glosses which look as sugary as a pink can get. The gloss has a very strong blue based tone to it which makes it look super flattering and does not wash out even deeper skin tones. The pigmentation, when worn alone is not as good but when paired with a bright pink lip, this vinyl gel formula looks astounding especially for summer makeup looks.

2. Purple Rumba

Undoubtedly, the shade Purple Rumba is my favorite from the entire collection, not just because it is such a bright yet wearable rendition of the iconic Aishwarya’s Cannes Purple Lip, but is also the most pigmented of all. The shade is literally a very cool blue based purple which essentially brightens up the entire look without looking excessively bright. This shade is sure to flatter a large spectrum of skin tones impartially.

swatch 2

3. Tangerine Tango

The name Tangerine Tango is pretty deceiving for this pretty peach gloss which is so subtle in terms of pigment that it comes out on the lips as a soft peach toned nude lip gloss. When worn on its own, it is sure to wash out even medium skin tones and deeper skin tones can just skip it over and not even try. However with a heavy base makeup and an all black smokey eye this lip gloss is sure to look stunning if paired with a nude lip liner.

4. Magnetic Magenta

However magnetic this lip gloss might be, it is not a magenta. Oriflame does need to take care of the naming part of its makeup. However, if you are someone who wants to try different colors but are too shy to go all out and try the shade Purple Rumble from the range, Magnetic Magenta is the shade for you then. pretty similar in terms of undertone, magnetic magenta, however, is pinker based than purple which makes it look stunning and not at bold as purple rumble.

swatch 1

5. Pink Mambo

Pink mambo is a true pink stunner from the range. It is bright, it is actually in your face bright but not in an obnoxious way. It is the perfect bright, neon, blue-based magenta like hot pink shade which looks flattering only if you know how to carry such a bold lip color. The pigmentation of this lip color seconds to purple Rumble and is good to be worn alone without even a lip liner underneath.

6. Hot Flamingo

Another shade which in the tube looks pretty similar to the purple rumble family; Hot Flamingo is the shade you would imagine a flamingo pink to be precise. It is bold, it is bright, it screams for attention and the pigmentation of the shade is good enough to be worn alone for a sheer yet, bright pop of color. Apt for days when you want to wear bright makeup but the occasion demands something subtle.

swatch 3

7. Sunset Burst

Sunset Burst is one of the safest shades from the range. It is a deep red toned pink shade with slight blue undertones again but is not in-your-face bright. It is the perfect pink for deeper skin tones and will suit almost every skin tone equally. Good for your no makeup just gloss and kajal summer days.

swatch 4

My First impressions:

On first look, they look like regular lip glosses but the claims of the lip colors having a vinyl gel formula hold true in every sense. First of all, their pigmentation is really good for a gel based gloss. Second, these do not apply patchily–even the lightest shade tangerine tango goes on super smooth. The shine these Vinyl gel glosses have is impeccable. And lastly, on wearing, these do not feel super sticky on the lips. yes, they are a little heavy on the lips and it is not like you wouldn’t feel that there is product on your lips because these do make their presence felt but it is not at all uncomfortable.


However, the only drawback I found in them was their longevity. I wore the shade purple rumble out on its own (for a movie, and I do not eat during movies) and this gloss disappeared by the time I came out. So 3 hours without eating or drinking and this does come off, however, it leaves the lips pretty moisturized nonetheless. And this is the brightest and the most pigmented shade from the range so of course the lighter shades are bound to go off sooner. Other than the longevity of the glosses, I do not find any drawback in The One Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel range.


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