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Battle Of The Blushes – Maybelline Cheeky Glow VS Maybeline Color Show


Hello my lovelies!
If I were to ask you about one makeup product that makes you happy by just looking at it, what would it be? For me the answer would be blushes, not because I use them a lot (no, I do not) but because those colourful little pods of love just make my soul cry with ecstasy.
I love my blushes, and as much as I love them, I really hate splurging on products I later regret. And choosing to blog about beauty and makeup I feel a responsibility towards my readers who want to know what products to invest in and what products to skip. So here I am with a comparison post of the two cutesie babies from the house of Maybelline which look like reprised versions of the same thing.

About Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blushes


So Maybelline launched its Cheeky Glow line of blushes quite some time back and they have been sold like hot cakes since the very minute they hit the makeup aisles. Not only because they were dirt cheap, but also because their quality, quantity and colour pay off was mind blowing.

Price: 250 INR for 7 grams

Shades launched: The range has 3 shades namely Peachy Sweetie, Fresh Coral and Creamy Cinnamon! I own the shade Peachy Sweetie which is a pretty versatile matte peachy pink shade with no shimmer but a slight sheen to it!

Packaging: Packaging wise this baby is a cute little pan with transparent lid and a cute font atop it. On the base are all the details along with the company sticker. The actual blush comes in a dome shaped pressed powder blush which looks gorgeous and also is convenient to use given the unique dome like shape.

Pigmentation: I have the blush in the shade “Peachy Sweetie” and for the price, I’ll say this blush is superbly pigmented. I would not call it the best in terms of pigmentation but it is quite amazing g. Two swipes give me the desired peachy pink colour on my oily, medium-wheatish skin tone.

Color pay off: As the blush is decently pigmented and not insanely pigmented, going crazy with the color pay off is not easy. Until and unless you go really heavy handed on the cheeks you cannot over do this blush. So it is great for beginners and the colour can be built up as per your liking.


Staying Power: Ok, I just cannot stop praising this blush. A blush that costs less than 300 bucks would not be expected to deliver such high results but this one sure does. On my super oily skin this lased for a good 4 hours without getting muddy after which it faded off but very evenly.
Rating: 4.7/5

About Maybelline Color Show Blushes


Going with the flow of launching n number of new products in the Color Show range, Maybelline also launched a couple of blushes in the same range. These blushes were instantly taken a liking to because of their price tag which seemed unbeatable given the looting makeup market in India today.

Price: 299 INR for 7 grams

Shades Available: The range again has 3 shades namely Peachy Sweetie, Fresh Coral and Creamy Cinnamon! And yes, these have the same names as the cheeky glow ones! I own the shade Fresh Coral and as the name suggests the colour is a really bright and fresh coral-ly pink with hints of orange. I definitely see this shade working on a lot of Indian skin tones.


Packaging: Packaging wise the color show blushes are just a teensy bit bigger than the cheeky glow ones with a clear lid and black bottom instead of the white (which cheeky glow has). Also the font on the clear lid is different than the cheeky glow blushes. Other than that the adorable dome like pressed powder is still present in the color show blushes and is as always a treat to the eyes.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation wise I find both the blushes to work equally well. Fresh coral gives a bright pop pf colour which looks pretty instead of looking intimidating on the skin. The blushes are decently pigmented and 2 swipes are more than enough to get the desired colour for a natural day look.


Colour Pay Off: As these blushes are pretty buildable, these can be layered really well in order to attain a heavy evening makeup look. For college, I generally go with one swipe of the blush but for special days I go on layering it a couple of times and it shows up really well.

Staying Power: Again, like the cheeky glow blushes, on my oily skin these last for a good 4-5 hours without getting patchy or muddy and after which they start fading evenly.

Rating: 4.6/5

Who Wins The Battle?

Honestly, no one wins the battle of the blushes this time. From what I feel, the two blushes are just revamped versions of each other. Same names, same shades, same textures, same pigmentation and staying power with different pricings all make me think of them as the same product in different packaging.


The Curvy Princess Recommendation

We at The Curvy Princess love the cheeky glow blushes and recommend them whole heartedly. But if you do not own the cheeky glow blush in some particular shade you can always try the color show blushes as well. They are equally good quality with just 50 Rs price difference. I would highly recommend the shade Fresh Coral from the Cheeky glow blushes though! 🙂

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