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Celebrating The Pantone Colour Of 2017 With AMYDUS

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Its the beginning of the New Year and with a new year comes new beginnings, new hopes, new aspirations, new resolutions and also a brand new Pantone colour. 2015 was the year of marsala color, and last year Rose Quartz and Serenity ruled the pantone world. But this year is different, and our humble greens have leaped up with a bang and they are here to stay. The pantone color of this year is Greenery and like everything, we are here to embrace it in our curvy lifestyle with one of the most versatile plus size Indian Brand, AMYDUS.

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I have always believed in embracing every fashion that suits you. Fashion does not mean taking up anything which is trending, without giving it a thought. What fashion means to me, is something which has been thought about and which flatters you. I never put down people who are confident in what they wear and how they style it, but there is a thin line of difference between plain fashion, and flattering fashion.
And we as plus size women should know this difference. And honestly, it is not that difficult to adorn fashion which suits you with brands like AMYDUS in existence in the Indian market.

What is Pantone Colour?

A symbolic colour selection; a colour snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.


About The Brand AMYDUS

Amydus as a brand evolved for the curvy, plus size women in India where being over weight is still something which is looked down upon. Amidst such a mentality where the curvy women had started thinking low of themselves, AMYDUS came across as a fresh breath of hope and started providing fashionable clothing online as well in stores. Online clothing shopping before AMYDUS was only for the skinny women, because women like us could never find our sizes but AMYDUS has completely changed the game and is here to re-instil the lost confidence in the plus size Indian women.


Styling The Pantone Colour From AMYDUS Wardrobe On A Curvy Body

Amydus as a brand has always won me over with its impeccable styles and versatile range of clothes. And in this post I have chosen one of the most pretty silhouettes from the brand, their Green Arc Seam Detailing Kurta and paired it with their brand’s Wonder Fit Mid Wash Blue Denims for the most flattering figurine.

Greenery being the pantone colour of the year, I specifically chose the detailing kurta in a deep emerald green colour which adds so much of depth and richness to the outfit. Also, the Kurta is stitched to create a pretty slimming silhouette and the detailing on the seam makes it look all the more flattering for curvy figures. The Kurta is made out of a combination of Rayon and 100% viscose with a moss texture. It might look really simple given the solid colour of it; but looking closely, it has a lot of minute details. From the round neck, to the antique metallic button closure at the front, the back scoop neck or the side slits, the kurta has a lot going on. Again, there is an arc seam panel which runs on the front and back with a peculiar beading lace detailing and has a back pintuck seam below the arc to give a better fit to your curvaceous body. And if we look at it closely, the sleeve opening is very uniquely arched which accentuates the slimmest part of the arms.


The brand also has its own line of jeans and I can say without a doubt that AMYDUS is the safest bet  for women of curves to buy jeans online. I have always been afraid of buying jeans online because of my thunder thighs and almost negligible thigh gap. But AMYDUS’s jeans (which claim to be mid waist) are pretty high waisted and sit just so snugly on the waist that I cannot stop wondering how I was existing without them since all these years. The material of the jeans is super soft as it is made of a soft, stretchable cotton, elastine fabric. I am 5 feet 10 inches in height and the jeans did not cut off at the ankle for me; instead it is a pretty decent length even for someone like me. It sits on the hip area super snugly and embraces my curves on the waist and the thighs without making the legs look super bulky. That is the beauty of a good jeans, all thanks to AMYDUS.


I loove adorning the latest trends, but it is always better to adorn them in a way that it suits us and flatters our respective body types. I love the greenery theme of the year and I knew I had to embrace it in some way or the other and to style it I chose the most flattering option of a long detailed kurta and paired it with a pair of high waisted blue denim skinnies to amplify the slimming effect while staying in trend.

How are you planning to adorn the Pantone Colour of 2017? I swear, Amydus is a boon for all of us curvy women out there. It is a must check out clothing retailer.


DISCLAIMER : This post has been done in collaboration with the brand AMYDUS, however all opinions posted here are of my own and are in no ways influenced or biased. All location courtesy is provided by the management team at Niche Cafe and Bar in CP.



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