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How To Style Wide Legged Striped Pants On Curvy Figures Ft Lastinch


Hello my lovelies!
I recently shared a picture of myself wearing a new outfit on my Instagram account, and so many of you went super crazy asking me for the details. Honestly, you guys make me feel so loved and I cannot be thankful enough. And to reciprocate the love you guys shower on me, I try and make sure to give back all the details to you guys on time. So here we are discussing the latest trend–the super comfy wide legged pants and if or not these are meant for curvy figures. 

Honestly, gone are the days when fashionable plus size clothing was a dream to get, especially for the curvy Indian bodies. I had been eyeing wide-legged pants on Instagram since quite some time now and the moment I saw Lastinch coming up with their own line of wide-legged pants I knew I had to get my hands on at least one of them; and given that stripes and curves are matches made in heaven, these black and white stripes ruffled pants seemed like the perfect choice for me.


I always scream out that one should wear whatever they want to wear, size is no bar in fashion–but then again, do not go running behind styles and fashion statements blindly. Wear what makes you feel confident and sexy, and which you know you carry well. I for one had zero confidence to wear any such outfits till the last year, but now that I know what looks flattering on my big stature, I know how to pair up outfits which not just look really chic but also bring out the best of my silhouette.


Vertical Stripes have always been seen as a curvy woman’s best friend and rightly so. The first thing which attracted me towards these pair of wide legged pants was the stripes print and the fact that they were in a monochrome black and white shade, it gave me all the more confidence to flaunt them. I chose a size bigger than what I usually wear so that the pants sit comfortably on my waist and the thighs and do not look tight or funny.


If you closely look at the pants, these cinch at the waist beautifully with the bow-tie belt which creates a nice break down between the wide pants and the top. Here I have paired my pants with a basic one-shoulder champagne top from Calae. I chose a basic nude top so that the pants could gain all the attention but because I have really heavy thighs, I chose a nude top with a revealing shoulder top so that the shoulder steals some of the attention away from my thunder thighs. So basically choose outfits which accentuate your statement piece while attracting attention to more flattering body parts.


A slim fitting top goes really well with wide pants and if you want to create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette make sure to pair your with a well-fitted top. DO not go for super clingy fabrics as they will attract unwanted attention to the extra flab, but fitting fabrics which wrap around the bodies. Stripes add length to your bodice and this very length adds to the slimming effect. Add on a pair of pencil heels to get some more of it and look as flattering as possible.


To go with the basic color scheme on my outfit, I paired it with a nude shoulder sling which just pulls together the entire look. And to cut up the sophistication with a little fun element, I added these super cool reflector glasses from the house of Zaful and most of you girls have lopved it. You can get these glasses here. And shop the wigs here.





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