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How To Wear Bright Colours On Voluptuous Bodies Ft AMYDUS


Hello Curvies!

Sorry for being MIA from the blog for almost two weeks now, but situations on the personal front had been such that I just could not get myself to work. And no, I am not justifying my lazy bum, just being sincerely apologetic. But then, we all are human, and a little lapse on my end will be forgiven by you lovelies, I am sure of that. Anyhow, it had been so long since I did an informative styling post on The Curvy Princess and without much ado, lets dig into the basics of wearing bright colours on voluuptous curvy bodies.


Being a chubby girl, I have always heard very stringent fashion rules trying to be imposed on my free soul and that is where one realises the need to break free of the obnoxious sounding fashion rules and create your own escapades, one step at a time. And one of those very obnoxious rules is the rule of colours. First off, I do not get the logic behind these rules of colours. I mean aren’t colours meant to make you happy, and something which makes us happy should not be caged within boundaries or rules. But then, they are and I am here to tell you how to challenge these rules looki ng at them straight in the eye.


The first thing which plus size women are told straight to there face is to steer clear from anything bold or bright and bright yellow colours tops the list of colours we are told to stay away from. But the rebel that your Curvy princess is, i say bring on those yellows bruh.


Now there is no disagreeing that bright colours attract attention and perhaps that is why we are advised against wearing it but then there are a few tips and tricks up my sleeve which will sure;y make you fall in love with bright colours and stop fretting over some brightness.


And what are these tricks you might ask? Let us go through them point by point.

  1. Chose cuts which are the most flattering for your body and what you are most comfortable wearing. You are as it is experimenting with colours, you do not need more to deal with. Choose what you like wearing. For me, I am the most comfortbale in my kurtas so here i have chosen a super bright yellow kurta and paired it with my basic black jeans and heels.
  2. Chose the prints wisely. As much as I love my floral prints, there is no way i am going to combine big motifs and bright colours as they might garner unwanted attention to areas I would not want to be discovered. To solve it, I have chosen long vertical stripes which undoubtedly are the most slimming print for all times.
  3. Accesorise wisely. I have paired my bright yellow vertical striped kurta with super pointed stilleto heels and long tassel earrings in a similar yellow shade to elongate my posture all the more and add to that slimming effect.


I love Amydus as a brand and their Kurta collection is to die for. I mean a few of you might be thinking that I am a constant  Amydus promoter but in  all honesty, if you guys know me, you know that I do not promote any thing till it actually appeases me. And without a doubt, AMYDUS kurtas are on the top notch list when it comes to affordable Indian clothing options for plus size ladies. And yes, these gorgeous yellow tassel earrings are from the very innovative online store named Hello Swagger.

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