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Keeping Your Hands Healthy his Monsoon With Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizers


Hey guys!
A big big thank you to each one of you who messaged me such sweet birthday wishes. August is my birthday month and I could not be happier to have my birthday during the monsoons! Honestly, what is not to love about rains and cool breezes, well apart from the bacteria, germs and the infections. But then these pesky germs can not stop us from enjoying the rains and the uber cool weather. Proper hygiene is a way of life, and not a choice and these choices have been made super convenient with the invention of hand sanitizers. 

So how many of you are addicted to hand sanitizers? I for one am an avid hand sanitizer user and like to carry a mini version of it always in my handbag just in case there is no soap and water available to wash my hands readily. Especially when you are traveling or are meant to be outside the entire day, you tend to touch a lot of unwanted things which can transmit a lot of germs which in turn can take a toll on your health. And while you are outside, you do not really have the provision to wash your hands before you eat or drink something and that is where these hand sanitizers come into play so efficiently.

But it had been so long that mainstream brands had been shelling out the clear variants of the conventional hand sanitizers, that the moment Himalaya launched its new fruity scented flavors, I went bonkers and got my hands on all the new launches to try it and review them for you guys. So here are all the nitty gritty’s of the new launches from my most trusted wellness brand Himalaya.

himalaya 5

Himalaya Wellness has it’s PureHands hand sanitizers range and they are available in 5 different variants:

Green Apple

And also come in 3 different sizes:


And here are the prices as per the sizes:

Rs.175/- for 250ml

Rs.80/- for 100ml

Rs.55/- for 50ml


How does Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer Works:

The first of its kind, Himalaya’s PureHands is an effective, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which kills 99.9% of germs, prevents infection, and ensures total hand hygiene.

Active Ingredients in the Himalaya PureHands sanitizers:

Hrivera (Coleus vettiveroides)
Dhanyaka (Coriandrum sativum)
Nimbuka (Citrus limon)
Ushira (Vetiveria zizanioides)
Nimba (Azadirachta indica)

Directions To Use:

Squeeze approximately 0.5 ml (coin-sized drop) of the gel on your palms. Rub well over the palms, back of hands, fingernails, and grooves briskly, until dry. No water required after use.


The World Health Organization states that one should use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not accessible.

When To Use Hand Sanitizers:

  1. Before and after having food
  2. Before you touch a baby or pet your kids
  3. After you pet your fur babies
  4. For regular hand cleaning
  5. Before and after you visit public places–be it a public vehicle, restaurant, library, washroom or any place which is frequently touched by other people as well.

My Views on the Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer:

Firstly, Himalaya hand sanitizers have since quite some years been a staple in my daily life, with a huge dispenser lying around my house almost all the time. And this speaks volumes about how much I love them. I do not claim to be a cleanliness freak, but the ease and convenience that these hand sanitizers provide me with, make even the most careless person like me feel hygienic.

Himalaya PureHands has a very comfortable semi-thick texture which spreads easily and does not require a lot of product. The gel sanitizer is thick but liquidy and it does not feel thick on the skin once rubbed in as it evaporates in seconds, leaving behind the germ-free skin. What I love about these sanitizers is that they do not leave the hands feeling dry and stretchy but amply moisturized and clean.

So now coming to the new flavors launched by the Himalaya Pure Hands range, I can vouch for the litchi flavor as it reminds me so much of my summer vacations at my maternal grandparent’s house in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Undoubtedly, the flavoring agents used are synthetic but they do not feel chemically unpleasant or overpowering at all. The litchi and the green apple flavor especially are such a delight to my nasal senses that I cannot get enough of them. Now as I said, these evaporate super quickly but that does not mean that the fragrance evaporates as well. Exactly, even after the sanitizer works its germ-free magic; the super alluring fragrance lingers behind for quite some time and camouflages any unwanted smells which might have been there on the hands before you use the hand sanitizer.


In the pictures are shown 50 ml variants of the newly launched hand sanitizers and I have not been able to get enough of these fruity scents to combat my monsoon germy-woes. I personally use these sanitizers on a regular basis and these are a regular travel companion for me, and I cannot recommend it enough to my curvy fam!

Have you tried the Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizers? What are your favorite picks from the newly launched flavors?


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