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My New Years Eve Party Look FT AMYDUS


Although its cliché to declare stuff like “new year, new me”, I always unearth a sense of rejuvenation and motivation each time a new year rolls about. There is just something about feeling like you’re starting spanking new, fresh and with a clean slate that really encourages me to grow to be a better person, both personally and professionally. After all, living is all a process of growth, progress, advancement and we should persistently be becoming enhanced versions of ourselves nevertheless.

When it comes to plus size fashion, there are a certain few rules which have been time and again told to us. Wear this, don’t wear that, do this, don’t dare do that! But who really decides these do’s and don’ts? In my opinion, plus size fashion should be stopped calling Plus Size Fashion and should be termed just fashion. DO we call super skinny people adorning fashion trends as skinny fashion? No, right? Then why the segregation of plus size bodies from the regular arena of such a wide topic as fashion?


It is never a bad idea to jump out of your comfort zones and wear something totally out of your league just to experiment with your likes, dislikes and whatever suits your personality and body type. But having said that, sticking to the very basics is again a rule which cannot be dismissed completely.


The first time I tried on this dress, I fell in love with the fabric and the way it fitted on my curves–but my main concern was the length! Being a super tall girl–I stand tall at 5’10–with super thick thighs, I generally shy away from super short dresses! But then cute  black dresses like these are just too adorable to not be styled, and hence I decided to make the length work for me!

Buy it here!


A-line dresses are our best friends. They are forgiving, flattering and oh-so comfortable as they cinch in the thinnest part of our bodies, i.e, our waists, and widens up across the widest part, ii.e, our buttocks while covering them and adding a swing to our posture.

The very fact that it is a fit and flare design, makes it the best pick for every curvy woman out there who wants to experiment with plus size fashion clothing or is a beginner in the realm of dresses. But honestly, even fashionistas and fashion influencers who have tried almost about every style available on the face of the planet at times need a style which calms their nerves and looks soothing not just to the eyes but to the body shape, and this is where A-line dresses come in handy.


By no means I am asking you girls to stick to basics and not experiment with new shapes and style! But in case you decide to, here is my top pick for a casual yet chic and not-so-little A-line dress. The black colour is so apt for the colder months and the handkerccheif hem and the fabric of the dress just screams plus-size winter fashion to me.

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