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Svayam Naturals Neem Face Pack Review


Hello gorgeous ladies!
So a few days back I posted my first ever review of a few bath and hair oils from a relatively new brand called Svayam Naturals; and my oh my, how you guys loved it! So I thought why not jump over to another review from the same brand; a product which is my current obsession and should reach out to all of you. And here I am with the review for Svayam naturals Neem face pack review for you guys.

About Svayam Naturals

Svayam as a brand lustures after the bounty of nature and everything natural. As a brand, it has ensured to rejoice in the goodness of mother nature and take people back to their roots by interjoining beauty and nature. All of the products in their line are 100% natural with not an ounce of additives or preservatives, which has its pros and cons both. Given that their ingredient list is tiny (because of no artificial additives), one can securely indulge in their products, but on the other hand, the lack of preservatives make the products go bad really quick. So much for the price of natural goodness for our bodies.


Svayam Naturals Neem Face Pack With Neem Leaves, Moong-Dal and Camphor


For the starters, the face pack is in a powder form which comes in a heavy glass jar (more like a little mason jar) with a tin screw top lid. The glass jar is heavy and looks really classy. It is just the apt packaging for a powder form face pack which has such earthiness to it. Though not very convenient as it can break if it falls, it is glass for heaven’s sake. But for the quality and quantity of the product, I am not complaining.



Now to the actual product, as claimed by the brand the pack has absolutely no traces of artificial additives or preservatives and is just a mixture of powdered neem leaves, moong dal, and camphor. Yes, that is about it. This indeed is the complete list of ingredients which make it so much more attractive to use, knowing that nothing in the pack will ever harm your skin. But because it is purest in the real sense, it is prone to get spoiled super soon as well. Why may you ask? Just like a bowl of moong dal will get spoiled if it comes in contact with water similarly if this pack (in the jar) comes in contact with water, it is bound to get spoilt. So much for the cost of all natural handmade products.


My Experience

As per the instructions on the lid, the powder has to be mixed with either curd, rose water or milk to create a creamy paste which is then meant to be applied. But I thought out of the box and mixed it with my favorite aloe vera gel from Patanjali and create a thick face mask out of it. Now with clean fingers or a clean brush, I smoothed the entire paste all over leave it for 20 minutes and then sloughed it off using warm water. Post mask removal, I splashed my face with cold water to close my pores and seal all the neem goodness inside.


Despite the fact that the powder is not very finely milled, it goes on smoothly on the skin but on drying, it dries off to an exfoliating consistency. The mask smells like the typical handmade homely stuff, nothing very appealing to be honest. But one very interesting fact about the mask is that it gives a really cooling effect on the skin perhaps because of the camphor in it. Now my skin has been behaving really well since a few months now so I could not really test it out for any acne (which neem should have tackled in the first place), so I cannot comment if it heals up acne or not. Despite the mask not being any glow mask, it definitely brightens up the skin and makes it feel soft as a baby’s bum if applied post exfoliation. The dark spots on my face started looking better after 4 applications and so did my dark circles, which is a plus. But I would not say that you should depend solely on the mask or the aloe vera gel which I mix in because along with external skin care it is my huge water intake which actually heals up my skin.

But if you want a good homemade mask made with all natural products, which not just heals your skin, but is great for even the most sensitive of skins Svayam Naturals Neem Face pack is ideal for you.



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