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Plus Size Culottes – The Back To School Casual Look With Amydus


We have always been told, that culottes are not designed for bigger girls or culottes for plus size girls are nothing but a joke. The fact that culottes only look the best on slim girls with super long and slender legs has been ingrained in my mind since so long that it took me a long time before I could finally make up my mind to try this outfit.


I have been watching and playing around with trying this out, curious to see where you are in this thought process. As we have already talked about the plus size monsoon trends, there are always micro trends that end up stealing the spotlight and for monsoon, one of those I noticed? Plus Size Culottes.


What are Culottes?

These are, as defined by Stylite: “Culottes hang-like-a-skirt-but-is-actually-pants silhouette, it’s tailored, waist defining, and leg-elongating so long as you find the right cut.” Some are shorter, above the knee, and right at the knee, but my fave is the midi length. You see, there have been a few versions that I have found, and this trend intrigues me.


Some of you know how I try to come out of the closet one step at a time, and by trying out culottes on thunder thighs like mine has been a tough call. You have always seen me posing for pretty formal outfits and it was the first time that I decided to do something of this sort wherein I created a Back To School kind of casual look for you girls. And however nervous I am to see your response, I am all the same excited as well.


There are some days when dressing up feels like a task, but then going out super casual isn’t an option. Those are the days when these super comfy culottes (I got mine from Amydus) come into play, they are comfy, effortless and still, make you look pulled together. Here I have paired my culottes with a super cute summer owl-print cream t-shirt, a pair of basic black and beige flats to keep the look all monochrome and chic and casual. But you know how extra I am, so I also threw in a black backpack, contrasting pom pom multicolored earrings and a bold orange lip.


Now some of you might be of the view, that such casual outfits might not suit you well, or that you might not be putting out yourself in such a basic outfit. For the records, this look is just one way which I styled this outfit–a very casual, comfortable lounge wear kind of look. Feel free to add on some super chunky heels, a crisp linen shirt tucked into your culottes; and if you feel extra fancy, throw on a summer blazer for that chic and professional look.


Lastly, I am assuming that some of you might be thinking about my choice of footwear in these picutres. I have stubby thick legs with wide calves, and choosing to pair culottes with flats might seem like the most unflattering look I could have gone for. But in my defense, I am a tall girl standing at 5’10 and I prefer to go with flats on a regular day. Now the fact that I always try to be honest with my audience stands true, and thereby my actual choice of flats over heels for a casual day out.


I love the concept behind culottes; they are roomy, airy and super comfortable. They are the perfect clothing choice for this seemingly humid weather. Given their midi length, these pants do not scuff the grounds below you to pick up all the dirt and grime, and at the same time, keeps you feeling fresh and active through the day without giving you the much dreaded inner thigh rashes. But given the shape of a culotte, do you think a plus size girl with stubby legs should go for it?

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