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The Perfect Curvy Office Look Book Ft CALAE


Hello ladies!

You guys have been so supportive all the while I was gone and have so eagerly and patiently waited for me to start off with my curvy diaries once again. I honestly am so moved by the kind of love and respect you guys shower me with, I am beyond humbled. And as my way of giving back to you guys, here is my first office wear formal look. A lot of you from my curvy fam are young working women and have constantly been asking me to create a curvy look which you can pull off for office. So without further ado, let’s get to the break down of the look.



Vertical stripes are a forever favorite with the plus size fashion community and for all the right reasons. Not that I have anything against horizontal stripes but thin vertical stripes add so much dimension to your look and undoubtedly make any body shape look so much more slender from all the right angles.


In this look, I have paired up one of the chicest tops from one of India’s leading plus size fashion brand Calae. This crepe top with assorted pink and black stripes fits super snug on the bust and the waist. With a standard collar and tie-up knots on the sleeves, the top is definitely formal but has fun elements to it.




For this look, I have paired up the black and pink striped top with a heavy material black pencil skirt which can be doubled as a formal skirt and can also be dressed down for a fun  night out for that added oomph.














For the most part, the kind of pencil skirts that I have seen in the market are either too tight or clingy on plus size bodies; but with Calae my thinking about pencil skirts has changed completely. The heavy fabric on this skirt not just makes the skirt body hugging but does not cling on to the cellulite. Infact it helps in minimizing the look of the cellulite, which if you ask me is super amazing.



I have always wanted to create a formal office wear look for my working curvies and I am so happy that Indian brands are finally giving in to the needs of the working plus size women by accepting their existence and creating fashionable pieces for them to wear and feel good in.




For those of you who feel that open hair paired with formal outfits might not be the ideal look for your office, I have another look for you as well. Tie your hair back into a high ponytail, slip on some super high heels, carry a tan satchel and adorn that sexy nerd look with a pair of spectacles–and here you go with the ideal office wear look.




What do you guys thinks about this look? Would you want to recreate it? Let me know in the comments section. 😀



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