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TheFaceShop is All Set To Enter The Indian Markets


Hello there my curvies!

So there was a time when I so miserably hated the notion of experimenting with my makeup and skincare product. yes, I behaved like an obnoxious little old woman, only that I was never little, tbh! But there are times which demand change and changing with times is all for the best. As much as I love sticking to basics, I cannot deny that korean skincare products have always been my weakness, not just because of their super cute and chic packagings but also the above excellence quality. New brands entering the Indian markets is always a welcome in my vision and when the brand is The Face Shop, you need to give the brand some credit. 


TheFaceShop, world renowned South Korean cosmetics brand which has dominated market leadership in South Korea for over a decade, is now well set to enter India. In a scenario when almost all the major FMCG brands in India are hit by natural and organic product campaigns of Patanjali, The face Shop is another MNC harping on a similar tag line – Natural Story. TFS has been successful in 34 countries by virtue of its focus on natural products and value based pricing to consumers. No wonder it can possibly be another game changer in the Indian market which is already in phase of major restructuring. TFS product range includes: Skin Care, Makeup, Cleansing, Mask, Body, Hair, Perfume, Aroma and products specific for both women and men.

Ms. Diane Lee, company spokesperson said that finally they are reaching India, the most wanted market for cosmetics from their global business perspective. TFS is thrilled to meet beautiful Indian ladies and surprise them with innovative products that are available in over thousand ranges. She also added that Indians are connected to nature and as TFS focuses on natural products range, it has a high probability of becoming favourites of Indian people.


It is a strategic decision of THEFACESHOP to enter Indian market with beauty products. TFS may have stiff competition from other FMCG brands but the company is optimistic on the market outlook.

TFS Expectation from India Market

India is a really important market in global perspective with its huge potential, but the awareness and presence of K-Beauty is still little unlike other markets. TheFaceShop will develop K-Beauty segment in India through various on and off line activities like K-Beauty classes and creative adaptation into Indian make up culture. With this direction, TFS will be launched in highly growing e-commerce market first and then will expand to off line market next year.

About TFS tfs

Ever since the opening of the first store in December 2003 in Korea, THEFACESHOP has been making a stable growth and has caused a sensation to the nation’s cosmetic industry.

Inspired by nature and with belief that the root of beauty comes from the nature, THEFACESHOP has set up its motto and Tag line as ‘Natural Story’. The brand’s philosophy lies in connecting the secrets of nature’s beauty with its customers through finely picked excellent ingredients in their best quality and products innovations.

As Korea’s first cosmetic company committed to nature, THEFACESHOP creates products from approximately 600 natural ingredients such as flowers, grains, plants, fruits, mineral water, and oriental medicine to nourish and revitalize the skin.


With brands like NYX, Makeup Revolution, MUA, Sheseido and the likes digging their claws in the Indian makeup market, I strongly believe that a Korean cosmetic brand would prove a refreshing change, What do you curvies think?

P.S. I have a lot of PR samples from the brand which I have been using since the past week and will be reviewing super soon. <3

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