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To Tuck It In Or Not: Black Denim Cold Shoulder Shirt Ft Lastinch


Hey Curvies!
It was just yesterday that I finally managed to muster up the courage to upload one of the pictures from my previous photo shoots where I tucked in my shirt and tried to be all cool about it, and voila, the kind of response I got has set me amazed beyond limits! A few months ago I would have not even dared to tuck my shirt in my pants, leave alone getting clicked with these on and sharing it with you guys. But maybe it is your love or my increased self-confidence which challenges me every day to step out of my comfort zone and do something brave, as brave as tucking a shirt in your denim while having a voluptuous figure. 


I love wearing shirts, not just do they flatter my curves but also make me look super chic and polished to say the least. Back in college, Delhi University has seen me in baggy shirts and skinny jeans a lot as I thought that it was more conveneint to hide myself behind that loose baggy shirt than to own up myself and flaunt what I got. The last time I tucked in a shirt was in  the first year of my graduation when I was fresh out of school but then that was it. One day in college, a few judgemental eyes, and I was done. Done for good, done for 5 long years.


But then this black cold shoulder shirt that I saw on Lastinch stole my heart and I knew I had to do what I had not done in 5 long years; I had to style this shirt and make sure that I do not let it just be. And thence came the idea of trying to tuck it in and see how people react! Before I shot these pictures, I wore this outfit to a dinner party and as much criticism and judgmental stares I was expecting, the contrary happened. Maybe it was my confident smile or the fact that I wasn’t conscious and loved what I wore that night; but a lot, literally a LOT of people came to me complimenting me on the way I was dressed. And honestly, it felt good for once to be able to stand tall with all my confidence while my shirt was tucked snugly into my pants and not thave to hide myself sitting behind a table



This chambray or let’s say denim look-alike black cold shoulder shirt is one of the finest shirts I have worn when it comes to the fit. it literally hugs your curves oh so snugly, making all the good parts of you come into emphasis beautifully. This button down shirt has a good length and can be worn even without tucking in, I promise it will look as gorgeous as it is even this way. But what is the harm in letting go off your inhibitions and wearing just what you want? You like it tucked in, I say you tuck it in. You like it hanging out, hang it out, woman! There is no right or wrong way to do fashion, it is indeed a personal choice and should remain that way


However, I do realize that some of you look up to me for styling advice, and though I am no expert stylist, I feel happy to share with you girls how I styled a particular piece of clothing, in this case, this black cold shoulder shirt. For the starters, I saw a lot of scope in this unique shade of black and decided to go monochrome by pairing it with a pair of slim fit cropped denim in a shade darker than the shirt to give my appearance a slimmer silhouette. To top it off is a pair of pointy black stellatoes, a white clutch, some black pom pom earrings, a silver watch, a red lip and that confident (read, goofy) smile!


As much as I wanted to pose and look all chic in the pictures, I could not stop goofing around and I am sorry for that. i promise to get you more professional shots from the next time if you do not find these kind of pictures good enough. Anyway, what are your thoughts about this shirt? Would you like to style it any other way? Let me know in the comments section below?

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