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Welcoming Off Shoulder Plus Size Dresses and Statement Sleeves WIth CALAE


The off the shoulder top or dress has a growing number of fans – I’m definitely on #teamOTS.

HOWEVER. Every time I wear this trend I am asked the same questions from those who are yet to jump on board or from those who have dipped their shoulders in but haven’t yet found comfort or confidence with this style.


I have answered most of these questions in previous blog posts – and on social media but it’s become clear that I need to have all those answers and all my OTS (off the shoulder) advice here in one place.So, let’s get stuck in, shall we? Get those shoulders out and a ready.

What’s so amazing about this trend?
The appeal is very much about the show of skin. It’s a little bit feminine, a little bit sexy.


BUT. You get to feel all that while still having your upper arms covered. This adds up to a spring-summer win for me.

And if you are anything like me who would like to add a tad bit touch of class while keepig your styling game on point, I strongly suggest you opt for this stunning emerald green off shoulder dress with statement sleeves from CALAE.


Don’t get me wrong, I’ll get my arms out when the heat is on. I’ll wave my tuckshops around in the air like I just don’t care but I don’t feel as dressed up as I do when they are covered up. And when the summer heat IS on you can still feel cool in an off-the-shoulder number because your shoulders, neck and back are exposed.


For this particular look I chose to pair my emerald green dress with a complimentary colored silk scarf to add that oomph and richness to the look. To complete the look, I threw on a pair of knee length boots, a deep black smokey eye, some falsies and that sultry pout. However, the dress looks gorgeous with and without the scarf on, no doubts in that.


I usually avoid sleeveless tops due to heavy arms. It has been a revelation to find that OTS dresses can be quite flattering – keeping top of arms under wraps while displaying skin with shoulders. So modern and stylish!


I’ve realised it is ok to take a risk! I NEVER would have chosen an OTS dress before, but now that I have worn one a couple of times and realised it is ok to bare my shoulders, I am loving it (and realising that they are everywhere – I didn’t notice that before!). So many simple changes that change your whole look. So happy that I am part of this challenge.




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