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Welcoming Spring With Floral Duster Jackets Ft Amydus

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Hey Curvies!

Duster – it just sounds so cool. OK, but what exactly is a duster? How do I fit them into my wardrobe? Should I even bother? You know I have answers.



Dusters are long, loose-fitting, lightweight jackets. They’re meant to be worn open to accentuate the relaxed fit. The fit makes them an ideal piece for plus size women – especially if you’re ordering online. They can absolutely be too big or too small for you, but you’ve got a lot of wiggle room.

For Me?

You can’t be too tall or too short to wear a duster. And I’m not just saying that to be all “you do you.” Dusters are elegant as all get out. If you’re petite, a duster can elongate your outfit – it won’t fool anyone into thinking you’re 5’8″, but it may keep people from calling you Aunt Shorty. If you’re tall or average height, then a duster emphasizes your height in a way that makes you positively statuesque.


As for body shape – the duster’s relaxed fit means that it won’t pull across your hips or tummy. A duster’s silhouette won’t fight with your shape, no matter what it is.

Why bother? 

Dusters are the mike drop of style. If you want to remind everyone that you’re the most fashionable gal in the office, a duster will do the trick. If you need to up your style game, throw on a duster. They make any outfit more dramatic.


What Should I Wear With a Duster?

Dusters are all about proportion. I’m not crazy about outfits where the duster is the longest thing you’re wearing – that gives it an outerwear look which is fine but makes you look like you’re not going to be staying long.

Wear them with pants and a camisole top with some heels like I did, or a straight fit dress that’s at least two inches longer than the Duster. Because of the loose fit, dusters work well with straight skirts, but A-Line skirts may be too voluminous. You’d look and feel like you’re drowning in fabric


Have Some Fun

Dusters are just fun to wear. So play around to see how you can fit a duster into your wardrobe. (And send me pictures on my Instagram)

And if you want to know the details for my outfit, here are the deets.

Foral Shrug From AMYDUS

White Floral Camisole Top from AMYDUS

Jeans From NEXUS

Ready to buy some duster jackets for yourself? Try surfing through Amydus’ shrug collections here and see if you find something you like! Thank me later!


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