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15 Super-Awesome Beauty Tips For Teens


During our teenage years, each one of us, especially girls, have this urgency to learn whatever there is to it and grow up; become an adult, behave like them, do what they do. I would say, BAD CHOICE! Life is divided into various age-phases, and I believe, each phase has its own significance. But as a teenager girl, maybe even I strayed away from my own logic and wanted to do what the older woman were doing, and how I regret my silly decisions then.
I have always had this ardent desire to know everything beauty related and to quench my thirst for beauty, I focused myself on the Beauty-query sections of magazines, from GREHSHOBHA to WOMEN’S ERA, I scanned them all. But what I know about teen beauty tips today, I wish I had known a couple of years back (2 years, precisely :P) when I was struggling with the dreaded teen skin myself.
I guess that was enough of talking; now getting straight on to the most awaited, super awesome tips, which your skin will fall in love with.

1. CLEANSING and TONING go hand in hand


Do these words sound resonating? Oh yes, because we have been told this times innumerable! But this tip holds especially true when your skin is still in the growing phase, any lack of attention now will lead to serious and not to forget visible, skin conditions when you start ageing, premature ageing being a prominent issue.
The best way to cleanse your skin is to use a mild cleanser or just soap and water, depending on your skin type, twice a day, to get rid of all the accumulated sebum and dirt in the pores. Always remember to rinse off the residue product with warm water, and pat the skin dry rather than rubbing it with a harsh towel. Cetaphil is a great rescue cleanser for teenage skin.
The best time to apply a skin toner is just after you have cleansed it, as it penetrates 5x deeper on hydrated skin. Use a non-alcoholic toner like the herbal ones from AYUR.

2. Keep the skin well HYDRATED and MOISTURISED


While stocking up on large quantities of water help hydrate the skin, the skin also needs a combination of water and oils to keep it moisturized. Just like drinking water is advised for hydrating the skin and the body at regular intervals, moisturizing the skin is highly advisable to keep it smooth and nourished.
This tip counts for those with oily to combination skin also, no exceptions. But if you have excessively oily skin, try and avoid lathering up your face with heavy creams and opt for something light-weight, water-based and preferably oil-free.

3. SUNSCREEN is your best friend, you want it or not


Whether you want it or not, applying sunscreen is one habit that you need to build up in those early years. Sun damage can wreak serious havoc on your youthful skin, and SPF is a must. Remember, good habits take time to build, so always slather up on a healthy dose of your favourite sunscreen every day, and be it sunny, rainy, and cloudy or anything; just don’t skip on your website.

4. Let your HAIR indulge in DEEP-NOURISHING treatments

hair mask

Beauty is not just skin deep (pun intended), it reflects in your hair health as well. No, I am not giving you general tips like eating a healthy diet or stuff, what I am advising is to indulge in a deep nourishing, hot oil massage or treat your hair to a nourishing hair mask once or twice a month. If nothing fancy, just take equal proportions of almond and olive oil, warm them up a bit, soak your hair in the goodness of the oils, place your hair inside the comforts of a shower cap and wrap a towel around your head to seal in the heat for a good 30-40 minutes. Wash the strands off any excess oil with a mild shampoo; condition as usual and voila, silky hair which is actually healthy from the inside too.

5. When it comes to MAKE-UP, less is always more


Teenagers have a natural youthful radiance to it, which many of the older women pay to get. Girls, you do not need those extra makeup products that you stocked up on your last visit to the mall. Just a dab of concealer to correct the problem areas on the skin, a bit of eyeliner and some nude gloss; and you’re good to go. Who needs those blushes and colour correctors, when you have skin like yours? We are jealous! 😛
6. Say GOODBYE to heavy FOUNDATIONS—I cannot stress enough on the fact that you have a glowing, beautiful and almost flawless skin and you should not cover it up under a heavy coverage foundation. You may ask why? It is simply because you just do not need it, and if you are worrying about that pesky acne marks and redness, we have concealers for them, don’t we? On a regular basis let your skin breath with just a tinted moisturizer or a bb or cc cream, which works equally well without weighing down the skin.

7. Add a bit of WARMTH to your skin with some BRONZER


Come summer months and we all look out for the beautifully tanned skin, but that is not always a smart option. Bronzers and bronzing powders are a good option though, if you want to add some warmth and healthy glow on those beautifully ruddy cheeks without going overboard. Who knew you could chisel out superficial jaw line and cheekbones with a single swipe of a fluffy brush. Try it.

8. You can go heavy with the MASCARA though


Fluttery eyelashes are always in vogue till the time they do not appear clumpy or spidery. Mascara is one such thing which I would advise all you pretty teenage girls to stock up on as it is one thing that if used judiciously, can be used with a heavy hand. Trust me, minimal makeup looks flatter fluttering, dolled-up eyelashes beautifully.

9. Play up ONE FEATURE at a time


We have always heard makeup gurus’ emphasis upon avoiding playing up both the lips and eyes together, and they do it for a reason. Never combine a heavy smokey eye with a bold lip or a bright pink lip with a heavy blushed up cheek; it can give you the much dreaded clown-face.


oil blotting

I know our skins tend to sweat a lot in summers and get shiny; instead of loading up the skin with multiple dustings of anti-shine powders, use blotting sheets. Agreed these sheets can be a bit heavy on the pockets, but a quick fix to these are butter paper, they work equally well.

11. Keep your NAILS in good shape


No, not just superficial shapes, I meant maintain good health of your nails. And how can you do that? Simple, just trim your fingernails once in a while, and trim them in multiple short strokes. Always tend to your cuticles and keep them tamed. Indulge in a manicure-pedicure (even a simple DIY type would work), and keep in check the growth of your toe-nails. There is nothing as unsightly as brittle, chipped and unkempt nails.

12. Your LIPS need extra attention


Wondering why I specifically pointed out the lips of all the parts of the body? This is because the skin on our lips is 10 times thinner than the rest of the skin, and hence more vulnerable to damage. Pay special attention to your lip-care regimen, regularly exfoliate your lips. Try and use homemade lip scrubs, made up of one part oil or honey and two parts fine granulated sugar; or you can also use the toothbrush trick when in a hurry.


Yes, you heard me right! However tempting it might feel to just lick your lips and wet them with saliva when they start feeling dry, do not. I confess, I just licked my lips while writing this point and then guilt occurred. No, yo do need to be guilt-ridden for licking your lips, but just try and abstain from this habit. Instead keep a good nourishing lip balm with you at all times, so that whenever you feel the need to lick your lips, just dab on some lip balm.

14. Do not ignore ACNE


You may have heard a few elders of the family say that acne should be left alone, it is a sign that a girl is reaching puberty (the girl is getting JAWAAN); no, I mean yes that is true, but that does not mean you can leave it alone. The dermatologists are there for a reason, and trust me your skin needs their advice. Now would be the perfect time if I may suggest. Think of it as an investment in the future.

15. Keep anti-acne products handy


Face washes which have salicylic acid or glycolic acid are good for those at a risk of acne. Except for face washes and toners, one other anti-acne product you can keep handy is over the counter anti-acne gels and creams which contain benzoyl peroxide. Rather than using them as a spot treatment (which they can be used as), you better use it all over your T-zone or the areas of the skin which are the most acne-prone. But again, contact a doctor before you start using any of these.

So these were some of the fascinating beauty tips I have learnt over the course of my growing up, and how I wish I knew them way before. But anyhow, the time which has gone is gone, it is your time now; use this tips to the best of your ability and you will thank me 40 years later when other women will be ageing and you will retain this youthful glow of yours.
Stay beautiful!

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