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Oriflame Giordani Gold Essenza Parfum Review


For 40 years, Giordani Gold has strived to create beautiful, premium products infused with the world’s most exclusive raw ingredients. The quest for craftsmanship and perfection reflects our desire to help you live your life beautifully.

Oriflame Giordani gold perfume was one of the oldest Oriflame fragrances.a classic. It was launched in 1970s and was very popular but it was discontinued couple of years ago and is replaced by new offerings, namely the Giordani gold essenza and Giordani gold original are two of Giordani gold line’s recent lauches (2015 or 2016, I can’t remember the exact date) which are known as first Giordani gold’s daughters.


Composed around Oriflame’s exclusive Orange Blossom Luxury Essenza note, radiant Giordani Gold Essenza Parfum evokes true luxury and craftsmanship from its exquisite glass bottle, its cap dressed in real gold leaf to its highly concentrated and diffusive fragrance. A premium floral woody parfum that inspires beautiful living.

Giordani Gold Essenza Eau De Parfum:
This is one of the best Oriflame perfumes out there and it’s more pricey comparing to most oriflame offerings. It’s not as cheap as we expect from Oriflame but it worth every penny if you ask me. It can easily compete with more expensive high end fragrances.
About it’s packaging, it has a tiny golden box, very simple but also classy. It’s bottle is the reason I bought it in the first place.not a big bottle, still very elegant.it looks expensive and classic.

It’s scent is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most people I know either completely love it or hate it. Fortunately I’m among the lovers. It’s honestly a safe blind buy unless you do not like white floral and citrus scents.
Orange blossom plays the main role here. A very natural and strong orange blossom and it lasts all through GG essenza’s long life.

When first sprayed I can smell a lot of orangey citruses and some florals.it’s bright and sharp in this phase but after settling down,white florals grow stronger and sit in the front seat.orange flower,lily and jasmine followed by a light touch of citruses. It becomes warmer,a bit creamy and woody as it dries down.patchouli,oak moss and some woody notes give it a bitterish undertone which makes the white floral symphony more adult and more serious.
GG essenza is feminine,sophisticated and chic.it’s wearable year round,both days and evenings.longevity is +6 hours on my dry skin.it’s not a sillage monster like first GG was but it’s not weak.sillage is more than moderate.people around will definitely notice you.if you’re sensitive to loud perfumes don’t blindbuy it because it can trigger migrene
All in all I don’t love it(gourmands,vanilla perfumes are my true loves).but I like it alot and enjoy it from time to time
I usually don’t repurchase any perfume unless I love it head to toe but when I go through my 1.7oz bottle of GG essenza,I may crave it after a while and need it again in my collection.

If you’d like to try a high quality,natural orange flower scent followed by some citrus brightness and woody bitterness give it a try

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