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50 Make-up tips and tricks every woman should know!


Innovative eye-deas:

17. Gel eye liners are a saviour. Aren’t they? But they are as expensive as they are useful. But you can convert any ordinary kohl or eyeliner pencil into a gel liner. Want to know how? Just take your pencil over a flame and heat it for about 5 seconds, wait a few seconds for the pencil to cool down and apply the pencil. The end result is a more bold and smudge-proof eyeliner.

18. We have always heard people on internet swear by using white eyeliner on the water line for a more awake look. But let’s be honest, white eyeliner is good only for the girls with really pale skin. For Indian skin tones, we should use a flesh toned or a pale-pink, matte pencil on our waterline for that bright doe-eye look.

19. To achieve the perfect looking eye make-up, give scotch tape a try. No kidding. Take a small piece of scotch tape, press the sticky side on the back of your palm and softly rub, to remove any excess gum from the tape. Now place this piece of scotch tape on the outer edges of your eye, in a slightly angled manner. This technique lets you know till where you need to apply make-up without going overboard. It is most beneficial when you are looking for the sultry cat-eye look.


20. Ever bought a bright eye-shadow and were disappointed when the colour did not pop as much on the eyes as it did on the swatch? The remedy to this problem is to completely cover your entire eyelids with a white pencil or eye shadow and then apply the colour. The white base will allow the vibrant colour to pop more, resulting in the colour you desired to achieve.

21. Priming is always advisable for better make-up application, but let’s be real. Almost all the primers available in the market are expensive. A better option to prime your eyelids is to apply a thin layer of your favourite concealer on the entire lid before sweeping on the eye shadow.


22. Have droopy looking eyes? Try a shimmery white eye shadow or a highlighter. Apply the highlighter just above the natural arch of your eye brow and blend it in to achieve an instant lift in the eye area.

23. Fuller eyebrows are all the rage in today’s fashion streets. No we are not talking about Simran’s (Kajol) bushy brows from DDLJ, but Deepika Padukone’s classy eyebrows. Avoid over plucking hairs from your brows and comb it with a brow brush or an old, clean mascara wand. Then fill the tamed brows with a waxy pencil to complete the look.

24. I generally wear gel eyeliners, but on the rare days I am in a hurry, I opt for the hassle-free pencil eyeliners. But the dread of the liner fading or smudging away haunts me the entire day. The trick to make you eyeliner last all day is to sweep a shadow of a similar colour on the line, after applying the eyeliner. It seals the eyeliner and helps it to stay in place for longer.

25. A wide-eye look is hard to achieve without thick, full lashes. But not every one of us is born that way; some of us have to work for it. The most effective tip, which I personally swear by, is using Vaseline on the eyelashes each night before hitting the bed. Take some Vaseline and gently rub it onto your lashes to make them grow much faster.

26. Using an eyelash curler is yet another way to fake fuller lash line. Invest in a good quality eye lash curler, which does give a good curl to your eyelids. Comb your eyelashes with a clean mascara wand and then curl them. Place the curler at the roots of your lashes, gently press and then “walk” your way till the ends of your lashes, pressing as you go further ahead.

27. Another trick in our make-up bag to curl your lashes is to heat your eyelash curler before curling your lashes. Just hold a hair dryer near the curling edge of your and warm up your tool a bit. Wait for your curler to cool down before using, you surely don’t want to burn your eyelids. The warmed up curler helps to curl better and the curl stays intact for longer. The same technique as curling your hair with a curling rod.

28. The next step for beautiful lashes is mascara. Mascara is love! But no one likes spidery lashes. To avoid making your mascara flake, make sure you do not pump your wand in and out of the tube, as it lets in air, thus drying out the mascara sooner. Instead, take out the wand in a rolling motion. It increases the shelf-life of these babies.


29. Wasting your mascara may sound like a bad idea, but if I say it helps to achieve the clump-free lashes you all dream of? How? Just wipe off you mascara wand on a piece of tissue before each application, and then apply. In this way you can apply mascara in a more balanced and seamless manner.

30. Instead of plainly moving your mascara wand up and down the lashes, try applying mascara in a wriggling motion. Start at the roots of your lashes and wriggle the wand in the roots in a to-and-fro motion. Apply two coats on top as well as the bottom sides of the lashes to create the allusion of fuller looking lashes.

31. To achieve a fuller plumage, use two different types of mascaras. Stylists explain that none of the mascara alone can give you all the desired results. So try mixing more than one mascaras, say one for volume, one for lengthening and the other for curling.

32. Wait for a few minutes in between each coat of mascara, so as to let the mascara dry entirely. Before applying the second coat of mascara, use a small brush to dust on some baby powder, or your regular pressed powder on to the lashes. This makes the lashes look plumper and lush.


33. Tightlining is a technique, which not much girls are aware of. What is it? It is basically a way of applying eyeliner in between your lashes on the upper eye-lid. It helps you achieve the no-make up look as well as gives the allusion of a fuller lash line.

34. If like me you have a habit of blinking your lashes while applying your mascara, try holding a business card behind your upper lashes. Applying mascara in this way will prevent mascara spots sticking on to your eyelids, thereby not disturbing the rest of your eye makeup. Similarly hold an inverted spoon beneath your lower lashes to make applying mascara on the lower lashes a breeze. No more ugly mascara spots!

35. The same spoon can come very handy while trying to master the perfect winged eyeliner. Place the stem of the spoon in a slanted manner near the edge of your eye, and trace the imaginary line with your eyeliner product, using a brush or pencil. Now invert the spoon in a way that it hugs your eyelid and trace the curve of the spoon, joining it with the earlier line. Voila! Perfectly curved wings!


36. Liquid eyeliners can be a bit tricky. Ok, a LOT tricky. But that does not mean it can keep us away from the sexy, defined look that only liquid liners can help us achieve. Take a nude or taupe coloured pencil and trace the lines of your eyes with it. Then using your liquid eyeliner, move the brush on top of that “practice line”. This technique helps achieve perfectly smooth eyeliner without feathering.

37. I steer clear from water-proof variants of mascara as removing them is a big fuss. I feel as if I am ripping off my lashes. The trick to outsmart our mascaras is to use non-waterproof mascara first and then apply the waterproof variant on top of it. This way the water proof product clings on to the earlier coat of mascara and not to the actual lashes. Talk about cunning! 😉

38. Want the perfect flicked eyeliner but have shaky hands? No problem here. After completing your eyeliner routine, just take a dampened Q-tip, dipped in your favourite make-up remover, and clean the rough edges as well as the unevenness of the flick.

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